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Where do you think Lionhead Studios goes from here?

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  • They are acknowledging the fans of Fable: The Lost Chapters and making a remake. They obviously realize the purchasing power of such a fanbase if they are doing a re-release. Do they go further down the path of simplification and difficulty easing they have been going down, or do they return to refine the core RPG elements that made the original the best (in my humble opinion). Feel free to post what you think, but tell us where you think Molyneux is going. God knows that man is unpredictable.

  • They'll probably do another Meet Milo game just as an advertisement for how 'advanced' Kinect 2 will be, then ditch the game because it was all just staged. That's my opinion. ;) In all honesty I think they should make another Fable game. One that doesn't have a bunch of lies and promises that will actually go into the game.

  • I just want a great Fable game.  I can't bring myself to try the Kinect version but may mix it in a buy 2 get 1 deal.  The others were great in their own ways.  The biggest problems were the promises that were extremely hit or miss.  They're good but keep feeling more watered down versions of what started as an extremely promising series.  Still hopeful though.

  • I think judging by their communities feelings towards the latest games they are going to have to either reimagine where they are going with Fable or go back to their traditional RPG style.  Judging by their love for surprises in my humble opinion I believe we are going to be very surprised by their next release whatever it may be.

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