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  • Yes, I think they should continue this free games with gold. So far i like every game that has become free. Especially Rainbow six vegas waiting on two!!

  • Yes, I believe they should. They do this with PSN and it should be an incentive for Gold members with Xbox.

  • I didn't even know Microsoft was doing this! That's such a great incentive to become a Gold member and it should definitely be a feature for the Xbox One...I was leaning towards buying a PS4 but this might be enough to persuade me otherwise!

  • They have to do it to keep up with Sony. I love the games I get with PS+. I am not, however, too happy about getting 5+ year old games from Microsoft. Halo 3? Rainbow Six Vegas? Whats next, the first Gears of War?

    These are great games, but ones that I have already played many a year ago. Basically, have newer games.

  • I agree completely.  I still have most of the games they've put up.  They either seem to be fairly old, or an arcade game.  Wouldn't mind seeing more discounted pricing for gold members on some newer stuff.

  • Did you know that elite gamers have never paid for xbox live... I mean average people pay what 9.99? 

    After the failure to regionalize Gears of War and stop the lag from ruining a once great title... GoW kinda fell off the map in terms of talented teams and tournament sponsors... leaving a few of the original people who fought to bring a 3rd person game to forefront of MLG and TV spots... kinda buTTHurt ..


    I found this team of gamers from around the world and most of them had been pro's ... I joined the team and once I was in they gave me the link for the free gold each month.. and every month I use the link ... and every month for a few years now... i've never paid a cent... saving well whatever 9.99 a month for about 3 years is like nearly the cost of an xbox one... I've already saved that... I guess... not that I didnt blow it on other dumb stuff.... 

    But as a collective we gamers agree online should be free... so if you want to be an elite gamer... it starts with the guide that contains the past and current promotions that are legitly going to get you gold memberships... not some 100 page guide that's 200 bucks... it's a guide for gamers by gamers... and costs less then a 30 day gold membership anyway... yet it can be used again n again.. you can make a million new accounts... or get gold for your main account... and mark my words I wouldn't of believed this if I haven't been using it and all... but here is the site they run.. if you don't think this is possible... please send me 1 dollar in paypal once you actually check it out try it and see that... anyone who pays for memberships... doesnt have to.. on xbox.com.. there are hidden urls with 0.00 gold 30 day memberships.. you can keep going to the links each month and keep paying 0.00... ive done it for years through xbox legitly and have a 7 year gold account.. I havent paid for in years... I give you my word ... so if youd bet a dollar... email me .. MrNiceGuyZero at Gmail... then go to 




    and get that guide... its got a 90 day return 100% satisfaction backing ... so worst case  you read it try it out and it fails.. then I will give you a buck... and you can just return the guide... full refund..  


    still not sure.. Heres a video showcasing the contents the guide has and how to use it... 







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