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What are your thoughts on dishonored

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  • I thought it was a huge letdown from all the incredible amounts of hype it got before release. It's not a bad game but I wouldn't give it anything higher than a 7. it's short, the story is extremely bland. The gameplay isn't anything that hasn't been seen before, and the setting just looks like an island set in the BioShock world than anything really new or original.

    If you see it on sale or for rent then it's worth the play. But I wouldn't pay 60 bucks for it

  • Like Frib said it's kinda of a letdown from the hype, but it's a good game. For me when I played it, it seemed like I was just rushing through it really quick, wasn't much to do. You get a quest, find loot, kill or don't kill people. That's all it was. I only played through it once, but it's good for 2 different playthroughs. And again like Frib said I'd say rent or wait for a good sale on it.

  • It is a good game, but I feel it is overrated.  I don't think it was even close to GOTY material in 2012.  It is worth playing through once, but I would not pay 60 dollars for it.  Borderlands 2, Trials Evolution, Walking Dead, Darksiders 2, the Doom 3 re release, among others were better 2012 releases IMO.  If you love stealth games you may feel otherwise.  Personally, I didn't think the stealth was even handled that well.  On hard difficulty there were a lot of occasions where you could walk right in front of someone and they would not see you, while in other sections it seemed impossible to stay undetected.

  • I am going to be more positive.  Overall I would give the game an 8 out of 10.  It was a very nice change of pace from the norm that we have been seeing for years.  I found the overarching theme was refreshingly unique.  Steam punkish but not really steam punk, it also had an Elizabethan era feel tied in with it.

    The story was not great, was mostly predictable.  The combat could have been much deeper, they tried to do both stealth and more direct combat.  Neither one was amazing.  They were functional, mostly enjoyable, but could have been better.  The combat is mostly a cross between Thief, and maybe the original Deus Ex.  It just sort of lacks weight behind it.

    Then there is the magic and the upgrades.  Even if you do everything in the game to 100% you wont be able to unlock all the abilities or completely upgrade all your weapons.  So to see it all you basically need to play through the game twice, which is not a bad thing.  If you go in guns blazing you can burn through the game in about 8 hours.  Trying to do the game using stealth though will add a good bit more time to the game, possibly as much as 3 additional hours.  Getting the "good" or low terror ending does take some decent effort.

    So if you want to see both ending you are talking 18-20 hours of game play, that is not the best but still enjoyable.  I dont regret paying full price for it but some people may find it lacking in value.  If you can pick it up for $30-$40 I would say it is a good buy.  

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  • i rented it for a day..wasnt able to get into it..just was blah to me.  got past the first level and said, not for me.

  • Thurthfully I received it over gamefly and within 30 minutes o play I sent it back. I was pumped to play due to all the great reviews beforehand. The graphics are the style of the borderlands series except not as well done. It bugged me when you pick up an object it just floats there as if you don't have hands. The action and fighting was somewhat enjoyable but I didn't enjoy the game play style. This is opinion with fact so don't take this into to much consideration. Give it a try but don't expect much!

  • yeah i rented it and done the same as danny i played for about 30 mins and sent it back i did not like it at all



  • I really enjoyed the game. I played through it twice so far. It is a great game as far as the way it plays. When it gets a little cheaper, I would say buy it because it is a game that will never leave my collection. You can play it so many different ways and that is what I enjoy so much about it. I can be stealthy or I can just destroy every guard I see. The campaign is a little short but you can extend it by challenging yourself to not kill anyone, through the whole game. That is what I am doing on this play through right now.

  • There are plenty of games that I like that others hate so I am not one to judge, but I just could not get into the game. I am just glad I got on here and people told me to rent it first. I am glad that there are people out there who enjoy it. It was not at all what I thought it would be.



  • To each there own, and I am not going to sit here and argue for the game.  What I will say is I dont think 30minutes is enough to properly judge it.  Did you even get your first magic power yet (the blink/teleport one..forget the name)?  The strength of the game is definitely not its shooting mechanics which is basically all you have up until then.  

    We're sorta like 7-Eleven. We're not always doing business, but we're always open.

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  • Ya I didn't mention that. I did get past the teleport power and also the look for the box power. They were unique and carried my interest further but I guess for my opinion the whole dynamic if the game did not suit my taste and as it seems a majority of us. In conclusion all opinions matter such as yours, but for such I different game such as Dishonored, it is hard to judge, due to so many gamers who prefer one genre over the other.

  • I did get the powers it is just no where near fast paced enough for my play style and for a game that slow I would expect there to be more. Like skyrim that can be a slow played game but there is so much to do in the time. I just feel if you are going to have a sneak game then make it slow play but fill it with so much *** to do that way some people do not get bored with it. On the other hand if you like the game then great I do love the steam punk and the few char. that i did interact with were well done I am just a fan of fast paced game play. Like for exp. Borderlands 1 & 2 I just finished them and that is the type of game play I am looking for. where you can either take your time and do tons of *** or you can haul ass and run some fast game play. All in all I just wanted to hear what people thought about it before I bought it, and got a great answer to start a gamefly account and play it that way.



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  • I thought it was a solid offering overall. An interesting story and setting, good game play, diverse options. It did fall short for me too however. The games length is dependent on your play style and I assume most of us who have played it completed it feeling there should have been more. I know that at one point you're set out to find someone who is hidden in a building I imagine this part was meant to take a while to complete, finding clues, listening to conversations etc. but I managed to find this person just seconds after setting foot into the building. Completely on accident mind you, but it ruined that rather large part of the story for me. Also lack of a NG+ was a little let down, it would have been great to have just for fun.

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