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  • http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/109/1096424p1.html

    Just a little link there with a little article and a super kickass trailer. 

    Made by Bioshock's team, it's a 50's era science fiction film about a weird and disturbing-looking alien invasion that promises more than just being another FPS title. 

    XCOM for the X360 (and Windows) is intended as a reboot to a franchise once helmed by Hasbro's interactive/games division before they went under that was largly just on PC's, but with some porting to the Playstation. 

    So far, the game looks like, for consoles anyway, it'll be a notable Xbox360 exclusive, which is something the two HD machines need these days--exclusives.  The ultra-high cost of development these days forces far too many titles to be cross-platform.  So it's nice to see something that, at least for the time being, is an exclusive. 

    And one that looks just rad as all hell.  That's right.  Rad!

  • I'm surprised more people don't seem interested in this.  It looks pretty sweet, and having Bioshock's team on the job only sweetens the deal.  

    The obelisk devouring cars?  NICE.

  • Ha ha ha, oh man, I hope it's more than just us.

    XCOM is a restart to an older series from PC and it stands for Extraterrestrial Combat Unit.  The original three (PC) games were apparently tactical and strategy-style games.  

    I love 50's-era stuff, and "classic" alien invasion stories, so that stuff will be right up my alley.  I hope there's a lot more at E3 about it, which I'm sure there will be.

  • Cant wait for this one, it looks like an awesome game so far!

  • I haven't played the original game, but some of the guys on the old GIO used to talk about it and say how great it is. It seems like a cool background as far as the game universe goes, and with the Bioshock 2 people working on it it sounds like it could definitely be good.

  • www.gametrailers.com/.../13040

    An interview with one of the developers.  He gets pretty hyped up about it, ha ha.  It sounds like there might be hefty amount of strategy and analysis in the game--gathering information and things like that.  

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