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The OFFICIAL Gears of War 3 Thread

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  • Only two things I want to know is what things are we getting for playing Gears 1 and 2, Bulletstorm, and that arcade game Epic made?

    And if we get a reward for reaching lv. 100 in Gears of war 2.

  • hopefully there will be dedicated servers.

    i'm so excited for the beta, who else is gonna be playing it?

  • There is currently a nasty bug in gears of war3 that has tons of peoples consoles locking up and freezing. forums.epicgames.com/.../830449-Freezing-profile-at-load-screen

    My gears of war3 experience,

    i waited in line at midnight on monday to get my copy, the first night i got it home i tiped over my xbox 360 with the disc inside it and scratched the disc so badly i had to buy a second copy.

    Days later my account was magically reset and all my progress lost upon loading the game (collectables, chapter completion, etc, I did however maintain my level...suprisingly) and i still cant figure out why. So i started over on collectibles, a day later i could no longer play any game mode split screen because my wifes profile had become corrupt and when her gamertag was loaded the game ALWAYS locked up.

    Later my gamertag began to lockup gears of war3 and i could only use a new or no gamertag to load the gears of war3 software. (This was after we loaded hers first, and mine second to see if that would work out. Turns out the bug corrupts the second players profile while playing split screen.)

    For whatever reason i cannot play gears of war3 on my current profile, it locks up and i have to hit the power button.

    If i use any other gamertag the game works perfectly fine.

    I have tryed virtually everything, the end result is, i have formated my xbox hard drive, recovered my gamertag (profile), and attempted to play the gears3 disc with nothing other than my gametag loaded on the hard drive and still it will not work. (no gamertag or OTHER gamer tags work fine.)  So as soon as i load a diffrent gametag it works fine, any insight would be helpful. Originally the epic forums was rampant with this topic and there is no support/or acknowledgement shown. Now however we have had a 'known issue' forum for weeks with no responce yet.

    Microsofts support was down right terrible, they went through the trouble shooting with me, and finally transfered me to a 'lv3 tech', who agreed there was nothing else i could do on my part. He told me they would call me back in 3 to 5 buisness days, when i called back 3 days later to check on how the case was coming along. He noted on my account i should try clean my disc. (I formated my install i had played off with him, and had 2 brand new copies of the game, one i cracked open with him on the line. Not to mention he kept saying I would be compensated, and this is similar to the gears2 bug, basically anything to get me off the line. UNBELIVABLE!)

    Major Kilowatt brought it to my attention that a temporary fix is to load the game with no profile, and than load yours. I load campaign with no profile and than guide in with my profile, this brings me back to the main menu and lets me play for a bit, but it locks up after there is an act/level change. Also my profile spits out ./0123456789 on the far right hand side from time to time. keep in mind i have literally nothing on my hard drive, so if my profile is corrupt its on epics server and has nothing to do with my hard drive. If you have any insight or feature a similar issue please let me know..

  • Gears of war 3 seems awesome. still hate the sawn off.


    Fear My Strings. Fear them.



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