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Marry Boff Kill

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  • This is a fun yet simple question to ask friends. that is from PodCast Unlocked from IGNs XBOX essentric podcast.

    marry - a game you cannot live without and will play for life.

    Boff - is a game you can go short periods of time without playing. Although you would never sell or give away that specific game. 

    Kill- Is a game you wish would no longer exist, and is way overrated. 


    You do not have to have experience with the game. you just need to have at least some knowledge in the game.



  • my marry boff kill for any form of shooter games

    Marry -  Gears of War series

    Boff - Fallout series

    Kill - Halo Series

    RPG - MBK

    marry - Elder Scroll series

    Boff - Fallout Series

    Kill - Final Fantasy Series

    Racing games

    Marry - Forza series

    Boff - Need For Speed/ Dirt series

    Kill - Although its for PS3 but Gran Turismo. Its gone down hill.



  • You'd kill FInal Fantasy? Honestly, as a series I think it's well designed, a way for Square to roll out new Ip all the time without sacrificing sales.

    But I would kill the FF13 series in a heart beat. Square needs to stop wasting resources on the dumbest story they've ever created.

    Marry- Zelda series. I've come this far, might as well see it to the end.

    Boff- Uncharted

    KAMINA-01-1.jpg Kamina image by lokwokcheung Suda51 Group


  • Marry - the Fallout Series.  So much replay-ability, and I love the stories a lot.  Add in all the DLC and you have a lot of fun.  I'm still playing New Vegas.

    Boff - Left 4 Dead series.  My favorite online game by a long shot.

    Kill - Every moron on XBL and PSN....oh wait a game right.  Probably the Halo series.  Just very uninspired imo.

  • I killed final fantasy because I think there I taking the series to far. Seriously. 14 games with other side FF IPs (Tactics etc). Honestly how many final fantasies can there be. I personally stopped play FF after 12. And I played that on the PS2. (i think i played it for ps2). I just think that Square needs to create a new IP. Especially when they are getting to the point where they have to a 13-2 title.

    Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy the first 12 final fantasies. I played them all. (excluding tactics). Its just getting old.



  • HAHA a PC gamer. I'm an all platform gamer. I love them all. As for kill Halo. I agree. Reach is just the end. And way over rated. Its getting so old.



  • Kill - dynasty warriors and sports games.

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    Rainheart, I'll never forget you.

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