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Mass Effect

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  •      I am a major fan of r.p.g's, and people are praising Mass Effect, talking about how real the graphics are, how cool it is etc. I've never played the first Mass Effect, but I really want to get  the second one when it comes out. should I get the first one now and play through it so I know what is happening when I get the second one? and if I do, whats the replay value like? is it a game where you shape your own destiny? like Fallout, or 

    Oblivion? or what........somebody please tell me.

  • You should get the first one. I got Halo 2 before I played Halo 1 and I didn't understand the story until I played it a few months later.

  • I don't think it's really necessary to buy the first Mass Effect, but I do recommend it. The graphics are a little old now, but that doesn't stop it from being a great game. The first one is not really a "shape your own destiny" type game because even though you make decisions, it does not affect the outcome of the game; though some decisions do affect the second game if you use your continue. As for what it's like. . .well, have you played Dragon Age?

  • I strongly urge you to play the first game, first. Not only do you get bonuses to ME 2 from your save from the first one no matter what your level was, but you also get a great beginning to a great story. I, personally wouldn't have waited this long, but late is better than never. And yes there is replay value to the game, because you level up, I believe, it took me three playthroughs to reach level 60, and I still played through it four times again after leveling up completely. So, yes, by all means you should play the first, but you don't have to... Bioware has said you won't be missing anything, other than a great experience...

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  • Definitely get the first one.  Bioware says that you don't have to play the first one, but you will definitely appreciate the series more if you do.  Last I saw, it was in the used game bin for less than $20 at GameStop.

  • Getting the first is a must, as choices in it will carry over all the way into Mass Effect 3. Mind you that ME 1 must be completed for it to affect the sequel.

    Why, when you already?

  • Definately play the first one before Mass Effect 2. Then you can go straight from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2, which will cause you to have an epifany that RPG's are freakin sweeet!

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  • I put over 100 hours of game time into the first one. In fact I am thinking about making one more character for the next game if it is that good.

    Trust me when I say the first one is worth the price of admission!

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  • Mass Effect is a fantastic game. The gunplay is kind of dodgy, but you adapt to it quickly. The story is told in a brilliant way, and emotions can be seen clearly by the characters. The choices you make affect the outcome of the rest of the game, such as sacrificing one squadmate to save another, and your attitude affects how you can act.. I'd buy this one before ME2, just so you get the universe behind it and what's been going on, not to mention its an awesome game.

  • yea, i got it yesterday. i like it allot , but there is more story telling than action. i like it though the story is great, but it would be fun to do allitle bit more shooting and blasting.

  • There is plenty of shooting along the way....Id play it again if I wasn't so engrossed in Dragon Age, and if ME2 wasn't coming out tomorrow.

  • Mass Effect is a great game. However, If you were looking  for a game like Fallout or Oblivion, you may be disappointed. I found that Mass Effect is oriented much more on the story and character development and less on the customization that Fallout and Oblivion rely on. I strongly suggest that you give Mass Effect a try.

  • definatly get the first for the whole expirence..but either way the 2nd one is great i think mass effect 2 is the greatest game ever made....youll get more out of it if you play the first but even if you dont play the first you will still enjoy it...i know people who hate the first one but think the 2nd one is the best game ever...i for one think that MASS EFFECT 2 IS THE MOST FLAWLESS GAME TO DATE AND UNDENIABLE PROOF THAT THE MEN AND WOMEN AT BIOWARE ARE THE GODS OF GAMEING

  • mass effect is one of the best games, besides legend of zelda

  • No doubt whatsoever that you should buy, play and finish the first Mass Effect before even starting Mass Effect 2.  It's really quite an experience.  You really become attached to your character and the people with whom you interact in the game.  It makes playing the second Mass Effect more....emotional, epic and fulfilling.

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