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My Xbox 360 won't read some discs. Help?

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  • I've had this problem too in the past. It wouldn't read Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Battlefield 3 and a few others. Funny thing is tho, I returned them for the other system and they played just fine. I have no idea why these games won't run on the 360.

  • My Xbox did this once the problem was the red eye went out its the things that read the disc themselves  so look into that that may be your problem


  • Kinda reminds me of the old PS2 issue with the optical drive.

    First if the console is under warranty (which I highly doubt) I would take it back for repair/replacement.

    But I have a bad feeling that that is not going to be an option.

    So first step I would try opening it up and gently cleaning off the optical eye with a light amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Be careful not to scratch the eye, or knock it out of alignment, GENTEL cleaning.

    If this does not work then the next step may be to try recalibrating the voltage to the laser diode. This will require adjusting the settings to the pot switch while monitoring the resistance with a good multimeter. (boshdirect.com/.../9-installation-guides).

    And if that fails I would go to eBay to scrounge around for a new/used optical drive for your xBox.

    Khan Nova Keensky
  • I forgot to mention when adjusting the pot to be careful with that as well, adjusting to to little of resistance will burn out the diode. Like everyone else Microsoft shops for the best bargain, so not all xBox 360s use the same make model or even brand of DVD drives which will mean that the minimal resistance setting will vary, and the happy spot for reading disc carries as well. Some of the minimal variances I have seen so far range from 500 Ohms to 2.8K Ohms. So try to find some specs specific to your drive.

    Khan Nova Keensky
  • I had this problem at one time and for awhile there was a simple way for me to remedy it.  What you do is you boot the console without a disk in the tray.  You should hear a whirring sound as if something inside the drive is resetting.   Or, if you already have the console on, take the disk out, close the tray, wait a few seconds and then try the disc again.  

    I had this problem a couple years ago intermittently with my first Xbox but this trick always seemed to work.  Eventually, however, yours may stop working regardless of doing this.  If that's the case, turn your Xbox off, unplug it and let it sit for a few weeks without playing it.   When you come back to it, it should start working again.

    I know all of this sounds a bit strange, but I'm not making it up.  The reason I eventually bought a new Xbox was because I didn't realize that my first Xbox was going to start working again seemingly on its own.  I got an S model and then a couple weeks later, I booted my old Xbox just out of curiosity and lo and behold, the disc drive started working again.

    I asked my cousin (who is very knowledgeable about computers in general) about this and he knew someone who had the same problem as I did.  It seems that if you've already cleaned the lens of the reader and its still having problems, then the issue has to do with some other component of the disk drive.

    Herp derp...

    I used to be Kman5231, by the way...

  • I've had this problem with certain games when the game gets scratched or worn out. What if you try taking it to a Microsoft store? Do they have those by you? It can't hurt.

  • ive had the problem found a solution take the cover off the dvd drive looking at it from the front there are two screws they look odd but they turn with a small phillips head screw driver you only want to turn the one on the left you have to turn gently to the left counter clockwise but only about 1/4 turn. this fix I found on you tube done it twice works flawless if done correctly. good luck

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