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Damn Xbox Live updates...

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  • Nothing pisses me off more than being kicked from a 3 hour grief round due to a server issue...that is until this morning at 0500 est when I was kicked from a 3 hour grief round for a damn update to Black Ops 2. 

    To add to the frustration none of the 7 random people I was playing with for over three hours were recorded in my recent players list because of the way the server crashed for the update. 

    So besides losing the awesome stats and close call video footage I also have no damn clue as to the exact names of any of these guys and are at a loss for playing with the same group again in the future. Sometimes I cannot stand the Live system. 

  • Maybe one of them will message you :) I think they should maybe give you a warning before an update is done. I've actually never been kicked from a game because of an update; except DC Online...

  • that does suck but you gotta admit at least xbox does not have to update itself every time you turn it on like the ps3.

  • lol  PS3 does update a lot, but it hasn't been recently.

  • Wow that does really stink I personally have never been kicked due to an update but I'm with you I would hate to lose so much.  It would be a great idea for Xbox Live and their Video Game Companies better alert the community of upcoming updates.  It would be nice for Xbox.com to even add an update hub where all updates for all titles are clearly advertised so we know how to avoid them.

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