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If you are fond of shooting videos with Sony, Canon and Panasonic cameras/camcorders, you should be familiar with interlaced (usually marked as “i”) and progressive scan (marked as “p”).

(About interlaced video and progressive video)

Intuitively, progressive will give you a better, sharp, and crisper picture.


In my experience it is very common for PAL movie DVDs to be flagged as interlaced, especially combo DVDs in your Blu-ray set. As for DVD player, it’s either progressive scan or not progressive scan. If you happen to have the latter, it would be confused when you playback this DVD for that there’re many tiny “waves” in the middle if you enlarge the picture. However, it’s nothing to worry about interlaced DVD because 99.9% DVDs can be de-interlaced to form a progressive image.


Now let’s see how to get progressive DVD movie with Pavtube BDMagic.

(About Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper)


After loading disc to Pavtube BDMagic, you will find the pen-like “Edit” icon lighten up. Hit it to enter Video Editor.



“Edit” icon:



Switch to “Effect” tab, find “Deinterlacing” option. Check it and you will find the difference between “Original Preview” and “Output Preview” section:



Confirm the change by clicking “OK”, now you can start to convert. 

Ok done, isn’t it simple? Feel free to download a trial and start your wonderful journey:-)


Note: the “Edit” icon is unavailable if you choose to output a “Directly Copy”.