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Opinion on BattleField 3

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  • Battlefield 3 overall was a fantastic game that I actually really enjoyed. The single-player campaign was surprisingly good to me even if it was somewhat short but I enjoyed the story more than I thought I would.

    As for the multiplayer, being a Call of Duty player, it was almost too large in my eyes. They main thing that I did not like was that it took so long to get back into the action after you had been killed that if I got into it and immediately died, I was a little annoyed. It's a better game than Battlefield 4, in my opinion, since the story is even shorter in 4 and the multiplayer is still having a large amount of issues.

    In the end, there are hardcore Battlefield players and hardcore Call of Duty players that are going to say the other is terrible. Either way you look at it, it comes down to one thing; Do you like the fast, cramped and chaotic action of Call of Duty where all hell breaks loose or do you prefer a longer, larger slow-paced setting that allows you to be more strategic?

  • Thanks, I might just stick with BattleField 3 :)

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