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  • I think someone from delta is going to die. An epic story has an epic twist to it. I wouldnt be surprised if Dom makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect his squad in retribution towards his loss. I was compelled by his willingness to give up in the first trailer when it launched, as you can Dom tilt his head back in acceptance that he is going to die when the locust was about to shoot him until Marcus came to his rescue.

    Either way, I think Dom will have a profound influence in this game. If you look at the protagonist in other games as well as secondary characters and such, you will see a trend of the lack of "character" each game give to its characters. Such fps examples are modern warfare 1 and 2, halo series, and and the tom clancy franchise. You can see how idly these characters are as they condone their actions via storyline without personality. I sometimes beg the devs in my sleep to at least give them some type of personality qualities in their dialogue, main story, etc etc rather than just an empty vessel. That is probably the main reason I have always been drawn to gow because I feel a part of these characters as if I myself was battling along side them.

    This one example is what makes the gow franchise one of the premiere shooter games on the market and im sure gow3 will further this aspect to uncomparable realms.