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  • [quote user="Colton"]

    This will be the last Gears in the series.

    @ Blade

    You make an obvious observation, however through your logic if Unreal keeps dishing out Gears eventually (not any time soon) it will turn into a Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero (any music/ rythm game in general).  They stop making series even when they're doing well because they know gamers aren't dumb and won't accept crap even if it has a cool name.  They probably won't leave the gears universe but like Halo they will move on to another time period.  Halo jumped back to Reach, and I bet in 5-7 years there will be a Gears game that is centered around E-day.  

    [/quote]I never said they'd milk Gears, I think the series will continue to receive games every 2 years, and I also never said it would stay in the same time period.