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The OFFICIAL Gears of War 3 Thread

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  • Colton:

    This will be the last Gears in the series.

    @ Blade

    You make an obvious observation, however through your logic if Unreal keeps dishing out Gears eventually (not any time soon) it will turn into a Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero (any music/ rythm game in general).  They stop making series even when they're doing well because they know gamers aren't dumb and won't accept crap even if it has a cool name.  They probably won't leave the gears universe but like Halo they will move on to another time period.  Halo jumped back to Reach, and I bet in 5-7 years there will be a Gears game that is centered around E-day.  

    I never said they'd milk Gears, I think the series will continue to receive games every 2 years, and I also never said it would stay in the same time period.

  • So fricken excited!!!! Gears in my opinion is the great game series ever created.  I just hope they fix the mp and some of the gameplay.  the gameplay from the first Gears was incredible.  I thinks Cliff B. got mad that no one was using is lancer and every one was using the shotgun, thats why he made the shotgun weak and the lancer so strong.

  • Not only does Gears of War 3 look amazing and has (potentially) an amazing multiplayer, but it is also the end of the story.  The end of Delta Squads Epic adventure.  Humans VS Locuct VS Lambent.  What will be the end?


    What are your Gears of War 3 story predictions?  

  • I think someone from delta is going to die. An epic story has an epic twist to it. I wouldnt be surprised if Dom makes the ultimate sacrifice to protect his squad in retribution towards his loss. I was compelled by his willingness to give up in the first trailer when it launched, as you can Dom tilt his head back in acceptance that he is going to die when the locust was about to shoot him until Marcus came to his rescue.

    Either way, I think Dom will have a profound influence in this game. If you look at the protagonist in other games as well as secondary characters and such, you will see a trend of the lack of "character" each game give to its characters. Such fps examples are modern warfare 1 and 2, halo series, and and the tom clancy franchise. You can see how idly these characters are as they condone their actions via storyline without personality. I sometimes beg the devs in my sleep to at least give them some type of personality qualities in their dialogue, main story, etc etc rather than just an empty vessel. That is probably the main reason I have always been drawn to gow because I feel a part of these characters as if I myself was battling along side them.

    This one example is what makes the gow franchise one of the premiere shooter games on the market and im sure gow3 will further this aspect to uncomparable realms.

  • Yea i agree with you about Dom.  Poor guy lost everything.  He doesnt care about his life anymore.  They said that is why he hasnt shaven.  I also agree about how the character are apart of us.  Other games I dont give a crap what happens to them.  In Gears I'm worried about their safety.  My god gears is sooooooo good!!!!!1

  • Oh.  One thing I really hope they dont do for the story line is have the Locust and the humans team together to defeat the Lambent.  That would be soooooo ridiculously cheesy.  I am praying that doesnt happen.

  • I disagree.  I don't want to change disks that often and I don't want to kill all my hard drive space on any single game.  

    Just compress the crap out of everything and have it only be hard drive install playable.

    @ Blade - I agree full heartedly.


  • i think gears of war 3 looks awesome and im looking forward to playing it.

  • i also feel sad for dom he just went through hell and he got nothing left

  • Multiplayer is sometimes annoying, but other than that its definitely one of my favorites!

  • I hope they make local multiplayer 4 player. And i think someone's going to die but i'm not sure who. Dom looks like a good candidate but so does Anya. So we'll have to wait and see.

  • I started playing GoW1 the last year it was out. I was a fanatic about the game. When that ended, I was extremely pumped about GoW2, and I even went to the midnight release. When I played MP- I have never experienced a bigger let-down. GoW2, to this day, is a broken game. The latest update has helped, however. I absolutely refuse to be excited about GoW3. If it turns out as bad as GoW2 did, I will just sell it back immediately. I wont be sticking around for updates, hoping that the game will eventually be better. I think I will just join the ranks in WoW! (kms)

    As for weapons, characters, and storyline. . . I think the campaign will be amazing. For MP- Well, I'll be praying that it will not make me want to drown myself.

  • As much of a die hard Gears fan as I am.  Gears 2 was a let down.  I agree L3FTY.  The story was incredible. But the Gameplay mechanics and the multiplayer sucked.  Mr. Bleszinski if what you say is true and you do read the forums then please, I beg you, listen to this.  Bring back the gameplay mechanics from the first game and bring back the multiplayer form the first and I promise you, you will have all your fans back. And when you combine that with Gears 3 visuals, you will have created the greatest game ever created. Please Mr. Bleszinski, please listen to me

  • What GOW2 was a letdown, you bite your tongue. I think the gameplay mechanics evolved, not necessarily in a way that kept its roots with its first game. When you introduced new mechanics into an already established game with its own proven formula, I think it is sometimes hard to grasp the new changes, therefore changing your gameplay strategies especially online. For instance, when you establish the chainsaw battles, many people from gow1 didnt jump right into the chainsaw duels online because they have already been disciplined by the first multiplayer to fight in cover rather than go out and find someone to duel. If you go and play online right now with gow2, you will see a profound number of players who uses the shotgun more than the lancer because of this change in strategy. This is just one small aspect.

    With multiplayer for gow2, I know that there were a plethora amount of problems. However, through their shortcomings, I was very satisfied in their improved system. The one thing I didnt like was the matchmaking system. I was a private being put in a lobby full of veterans. WTF is that.

    I also noticed that during online, there are several hidden abilities that you can perform when in session game. My brother, MADDTANGO 72, played in a invitational dev tournament not long ago and I was surprised to see that there were several abilities that the dev performed that I nor my brother have seen. As the makers, I wasnt surprised to see them kickoff from a wall, turning 180 degrees and hit you with a lead full of shotgun as you pursued them. But naturally i was pissed as my brother when these little abilities that can make a difference from staying alive to dying, can be withhold from the players. I also found out there are several other abilities other than what I have described that you can learn. However, knowing these abilities over other players is surely something you take pride in and it feels good when you kill someone in a spectacular way and hearing the other player b*tch about it in the lobby. :)

    I dont know MagYver, I was particularly okay with the multiplayer and the mechanics overall, I guess its just comes down to players experience, which can differ greatly even with a great game like gow2.

  • I love the Gears of war story and campaigns but I am meh towards the multiplayer, its one of those game I play when I am tired of CoD but still want to play a shooter. The guns are not balanced and there are way too few in multiplayer, they need an smg or something. The shotgun is too dominant in multiplayer, I always want to use the Lancer because it is bad@ss w/ the chainsaw, but I know if want to actually do good I have to grudgingly get the ol shotgun out.

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