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  • the ps3 is definitely a lot better than the xbox360

    •first of all PSN is free unlike live

    •the ps3's left analog is below the directional buttons witch feels a lot more comfortable than the xbox360's left analog stick being above the directional buttons

    •ps3 has better games eg: god of war

    •you can watch BLU ray on ps3

    •some people get xboxes just because of halo but the thing is halo isn't really a good game the game play is terrible the story is terrible all halos in general are really bad

    •the ps3 has [] () ^ x on its buttons while XBOX has A B X Y on its buttons I know this is a minor thing but every one knows shapes are better than letters

    •xboxes L1,L2,R1,R3 feel really WIERD and are in a WIERD shape ps3's feel really comfortable

    •xboxes buttons are in a different colour to the actual controller while the ps3 ones r the same COLOR as the controller

    • XBOX controllers are way to fat

    •ps3's disc hole thing is just a hole where u just insert the disc in which is way better than xboxes one where u press eject and a thingy comes out and u put the disc on the thingy then the thingy with the disc comes in that takes way longer than the ps3 which u jar put the disc in the hole like when u put UR card in an ATM machine which is way easier

    •xboxes analogs are in the shape of a "U" the thing is going towards the inside while ps3 one is going outside and that feels way better

    •just look at both consoles logo and u can instantly tell the ps3's logo is better

    • why is the xboxes main menu COLOR white and green and u pick from these square thingys while TE ps3 one is better dont pick from squares u pick from these pics of the thing u want

    • ps3 is faster

    • XBOX MULTYPLAYER has way too many annoying whiny kids

    • why would u even need an avatar

    so those are my reasons why the ps3 three is way better than the XBOX which it is dont listen to those other people who say XBOX is better they're lying