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  • I just finished it myself.  It was a nice, tidy campaign, and despite the lack of filler from not having read the books, I followed and enjoyed the story.


    What I didn't like and now have grown to resent is the climax of the game, and the four prompted button presses it took to end it.  Where was the epic boss battle?  Where was the vindication at beatiing down the guy that spanked Chief at every turn?  Where was the closure?

    Push forward to climb.  LT to plant grenade.  Push forward to crawl.  Press button to detonate nuke.

    I kept waiting for him to have survived falling off the bridge...just after the touching goodbyes, Cortana fades and the boss battle begins...somewhere in the wreckage a hand reaches out and the space wrestling begins...anything!  Nope.  Push four buttons, watch a movie.  No skill, no gaming, no timing challenge.  What a rip.