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  • Personally, I feel MW2. Realistically ODST was supposed to be just an expansion pack, but then Microsoft decided to make more profit by making it a stand alone game. Of course I can not criticize the actual game play of it yet since I feel I will wait till the price drops on it.

    Overall, I feel the halo series has been disappointing on the single player... I feel Call of Duty has done a far better job in the First Person Shooter Genre, that it's not about who can waste a full clip into the other first, but more about who can use actual strategy (I'm still discussing single player, cause I know people will most likely criticize that comment saying, "Psht, who uses strategy online, it's whoever has faster reaction and a more steady hand").

    I know I was truly challenged, but not frustrated by the Modern Warfare Veteran Mode, whereas I was frustrated cause I could never have enough ammo on Heroic of Halo.

    Again, this is speaking from the earlier games, I have yet to play ODST, if they changed up the single player and made the enemies die with a reasonable amount of bullets, I will retract my statement.