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  • [quote user="Thelizardman"]

    I'm not sure it is "better", but I do prefer my 360 over my PS3 in most cases. For me it comes down to the annoying downloads and installations you have to go through for every new game, or a game you haven't played in a while. Another thing for me is, I like live more than the PSN. You seem to be more of an xbox person, so am I, those are my reasons.


    I have to agree with this, right down to preferring the Xbox 360 to the PS3.  

    My biggest gripes with the PS3 are it's dreadful user interface with that cumbersome CrossBeam design, and it's generally crappy User profile management.  For instance, when my girlfriend, my son, and me play Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One together, it's stupid that we can't all be signed in under our own profiles and earn our own Trophies.  I know, it seems like it's "cool" these days to act like Achievements/Trophies don't matter, but we all enjoy earning them and building up our own personal profiles.  I love that stuff, and one of my favorite parts of the 3DS is it's massive cataloging of all sorts of information on my usage.

    Finally, I've never found Sony's controllers to be comfortable--the PS3 controllers the worst of all with those wonky L2 and R2 buttons.  I love the Xbox360 controller.  I think it's the most comfortable since the GameCube--and that was a great controller to grasp.