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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Should it be remade?

    I have spent part of this day going back through my old game library and came upon Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. I threw it in the old xbox and for a few hours i was 15 again blowin crap up and generally just causing mayhem. It was fun and i couldn't help but think "Man if only these graphics...
  • Forum Post: GoldenEye N64 Multiplayer - Real Life A classic from my childhood as well as many others! We have brought this back to remind you all of the hours of countless fun spent on such a simple and elegant game. I hope you enjoy!
  • Forum Post: Your favorite NES Game?

    So, I'm seeing all of these threads for SNES and N64 games, and yet none for the original: the NES. So...what's your favorite NES game? Obscure or mainstream, it really doesn't matter. That game that you just played for hours and (quite possibly) even still go back to play. Personally, I...
  • Forum Post: Worst old school games of all time....

    Bart vs the Space Mutants This game was extremely hard with some of the worst platforming ever and the controls were horrible. The music was extremely annoying as well. The only good thing about this game were the beautiful 16 bit graphics. Virtual Bart Another Simpsons game with bad control, bad music...
  • Forum Post: Thank You Disney

    In honor of Tron Legacy Disney has taken the time to post the original Tron Arcade game up on the movie's official site. If you don't want to go to the site here's the link: TRON Arcade Game
  • Forum Post: Can't remember the name of ur long lost games?

    I made this thread for 2 reasons: First off to help anyone who has a game stuck in their head and can't remember the name or system it was on. Secondly, i have been trying to remember the name of an old game I use to love way back when for years now and no one I know has been able to help me. I figure...
  • Forum Post: What game would you like to see remade?

    One game that stands above all others would have to be THE LEGEND OF DRAGOON. This game's storyline was absolutely compelling. The additions system of attacking has no equal to date. I want more of this universe to play around in. I say start with a remake, turning the new age engines loose on this...
  • Forum Post: Test your video game PERCEPTION here!

    This is just a test to see what appeals to your eyes the most. This isn't an eye exam, and I'm not going to tell you to have them checked, but you've just got to watch two games in action and say which one you think looks cooler. I'll make more tests on this thread, so check back often...
  • Forum Post: First video game ever played?

    What is the game that first led you into the doorway of your lifelong hobby and love for video games? Mine is easy to recall. On Christmas Day, 1986, I recall my older cousin and I unwrapping a brand new NES entertainment system on Christmas morning, leading to an all day and all nighter with our newly...
  • Forum Post: There Must Be Someone Else!

    Please tell me that someone else has played Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage? It is my all time favorite game, one of which I can not play anymore since my 64 was murdered. I just want to know if there are others out there like me who believe that it needs to be brought back and revamped for a new system...
  • Forum Post: What is the best zombie game?

    What is the Best zombie game?
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