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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Why Super Mario 64 is my gaming milestone.

    I can't say that Super Mario 64 is my favorite game of all time, in fact I'm having more and more trouble coming to the decision of what that game is. What Super Mario 64 is is something that transcends a label such as that. It's not better than some of the other games in my favorites library...
  • Forum Post: Do you have an old game that still scares you like it did when you were little?

    Exactly what it says in the title: do you have a game that scared you when you were little, and still scares you when you play it today? Note this doesn't have to be a survival horror game. I could be cheap and say something like the original Resident Evil, but I'm going to throw the curve ball...
  • Forum Post: What retro game deserves a current/next-gen remake?

    My vote absolutely goes to Sega Genesis classic "Kid Chameleon". You get different helmets that give you various power-ups, and the game is extremely long! If you can't find a Genesis copy, its available right now on Wii virtual console, as well as in lots of various Sega collection packs...
  • Forum Post: Project Fedora: The Return of Tex Murphy

    For anyone who still longs for good adventure games (like my wife and me), this is a great time, with all the kickstarters going on. One of the best adventure series I ever played will, finally, resolve a 15-year-long cliffhanger if Project Fedora succeeds. If you haven't seen the Tex Murphy games...
  • Forum Post: What Retro Game have you Played as a Kid,and you go Back to it and Say ''Wow This Sucks''

    All the Retro Games we all Loved and have went back to and now they are Terrible
  • Forum Post: Proof of Older Original Game Informer Review Scores?

    When the current format for the site was created, I despaired in finding I couldn't see old review scores. Then I found the Review Archive, a useful searching tool of many (if not all) of Game Informer's past reviews scores, as well as the review text for newer reviews. However, as I perused...
  • Forum Post: What is your favorite classic boss theme?

    I am one of the few gamers who actually notices the little details in games.One of the details I always pay close attention to when I play a video game is the soundtrack.A good soundtrack in a game can motivate anyone.Especially during a boss fight.Some of the greatest boss themes come from the classic...
  • Forum Post: rygar should it be brought back?

    I have many found memories of this game it was hard and I don't think I ever solved it. have you played it do you think it needs to come back? all thoughts are welcome.
  • Forum Post: Thank You Disney

    In honor of Tron Legacy Disney has taken the time to post the original Tron Arcade game up on the movie's official site. If you don't want to go to the site here's the link: TRON Arcade Game
  • Forum Post: What game would you like to see remade?

    One game that stands above all others would have to be THE LEGEND OF DRAGOON. This game's storyline was absolutely compelling. The additions system of attacking has no equal to date. I want more of this universe to play around in. I say start with a remake, turning the new age engines loose on this...
  • Forum Post: Old School RPG's

    I want to know from all of you. What do you think the best old school RPG was. It has to be from an older console like the NES or the Nintendo 64. Well, I'd have to say mine was Chrono Trigger. Well, what's yours?
  • Forum Post: Test your video game PERCEPTION here!

    This is just a test to see what appeals to your eyes the most. This isn't an eye exam, and I'm not going to tell you to have them checked, but you've just got to watch two games in action and say which one you think looks cooler. I'll make more tests on this thread, so check back often...
  • Forum Post: Eggs with a side of Rehash---How far can one go?

    In the past, there have been a plethora of great games optaining the title "Classic." There is something very heartwarming about many of the retro games. Whether it be the low res graffics or the cheesy music. Maybe even the difficulty (or lack there of) is what draws us back to the games of...
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