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arcade games, what do you got and or whats your favorite?

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  • Yeah, past 5-6 months the SPAM threads have gotten out of control.  I think it is making it so a lot of people aren't using the forums anymore right now.  I think GI's IT dept. is trying to figure something out to slow them down.  The Forums have been really dead lately because of it...A lot more people talk on the public Blogs.  But I have a NEO GEO and an old school playchoice machine that has Castlevania on it.  I am looking into seeing exactly how to make it into a full playchoice, but I am no expert and have been told it can be costly depending on a few things...My favorite arcade machines ever are probably Aliens vs Predator (the sidescroller), Punch-Out on playchoice, and Gauntlet Dark Legacy.  I have been wanting an original Samurai Showdown machine but cannot find one that someone isn't wanting a ridiculous amount of money for.

  • my new project is a NEO GEO table top machine, thats all anyone gets other then that it's top secret

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