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Rebuilding the Retro Collection

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  • I still have all my old classics, and simply continue to expand the library.  I love the feel and play of many classic games, especially 16-bit era, which is when my love of gaming first toyed with the idea of getting into game development.  I just picked up Final Fight for the SNES.  I was always a fan of beat-em-ups and the like.  


    My favorite older game, though... Man, there are a lot.

    Forgotten Worlds on the Genesis--only really worth playing 2-player.  Just a shmup, basically, but in two-player mode, you can only get a game over if you both die simultaneously.  My brother and I logged many an hour into this one.

    Contra & Super C on the NES--another one my brother and I logged countless hours into.  With the Game Genie connected, Contra had a code to never lose your weapon when you die along with infinite lives (sort of), so we could run through it without taking it too seriously.  

    Streets of Rage 2 & 3--Beyond entertaining beat-em-ups that I finally managed to snag over the past couple years.  

    TMNT II & II on the NES and TMNT IV on the SNES--again with the great 2-player beat-em-ups.  Can't complain about the pure joy of any of these.

    Mortal Kombat II--Got the SNES version for Xmas one year from my Dad of all people (never a big fan of video games), and it remained my favorite Mortal Kombat until last year.

    Killer Instinct--from back in the day when Nintendo was still making Rare a great company, and from when every respectable console maker had their own franchises in every single genre.

    The Legend of Zelda on the NES--The first game I ever finished, and the first I ever drew up my own maps for.

    The Secret of Evermore--When Square was busy churning out Final Fantasy VI (III at the time for us), Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG, they also put out this little adventure which has more in common with modern WRPG's than anything Square was making at the time.  The combat was active like in Zelda, but the character was leveled up with Experience Points.  His name and his dog's name were both decided by the player, and the writing was vastly more "western" than anything else coming from Square back then.  Brilliant dialog, humorous storytelling, great characters, great powers.  Like Kingdoms of Amalur, players collect elements and materials but used Alchemy for a wide range of "magic" powers and attacks rather than just making potions and such. 


    Most consoles have breathtakingly amazing titles that deserve far more attention than they ever receive, and Secret of Evermore was that title on the SNES.  Released amid countless other hits, it just went almost totally unnoticed despite rampant coverage in places like Nintendo Power.  That title everyone ignored on the GameCube was Eternal Darkness, which remains my favorite game of all time.

  • I've actually been focusing on collecting old games more and more. I haven't had any luck with specific titles for my SNES collection., but there are still good deals to be had. You can always try your luck ala thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, etc.

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  • One of the main reasons I bought a Wii a few years ago is to download and play some of the classics I played as a kid.  Super Mario 1, 2, 3, & World were the first ones I downloaded.  Their gameplay is timeless and almost justified the Wii purchase before I even got any new games.  I have also downloaded the original Zelda, as well as a Link to the Past.  Both are still fantastic.  My most recent purchase was Twisted Metal 2, which a friend of mine and I used to play all the time.  We played for a weekend and it was just like old times!!

    As for some old games that I never played before, I recently downloaded Super Mario Land on the 3DS and I really enjoyed it.  Now I am playing Final Fantasy VI and I can't believe I ever missed this game.  

    As for Psychotope's question about Chrono Trigger, if you have a Wii you can get it for $8, and if you have a PS3 (I think), you can get it for $10.  I never played it, but after seeing how good FFVI is, that is next on my list.  If you meant that you wanted the actual physical cartridge...well, then I have no idea.

  • In regards to Arano, I was considering repurchasing a Wii, but I have a SNES so I would like to get the cartridge of Chrono Trigger. It's quite difficult though, most Japanese RPGs of the time are rare or expensive today.

  • I'm the same way, I want the oirginal cart to go with my original console. Check Ebay for deals because some times copies go through less noticed also if you have a local retro store you can check there and trade some stuff in towards the cart but the most luck I have had is picking things up from Craigslist. Many people selling things there have no idea what they have, sure some of them are going to try selling an snes for $150 but many more are going to sell at incredibly low prices. The trick is don't search by title of the game just do a broad snes game search. When you search for the title exclusively most of the people selling actually know what they have and follow the pricing trends but when you just stumble upon someone selling a "lot" usually they don't take the time to research all of the titles and you can find some nice deals. Happy hunting and good luck.

  • I have a massive collection from my childhood days. Atari, Turbografx 16, NES, Genesis, SNES, PS1, N64, GameCube and 360.

    My trouble is my system switcher died and my tv doesn't have coaxial and only one single VGA port.

  • I am kind of in the same boat as you...just recently started really building up my collection. I am instantly regretting ever selling my old games. I also have a plethora of gamecube games without cases. It's heartbreaking. However, if anyone has any advice for a young collector I'd be happy to take it.

  • Super Metroid is the best SNES game ever and falls in #3 slot for best game of all time, in my opinion...Right behind DOOM and Castlevania: SOTN.  SNES version of DOOM was ok but there are certainly better.  As for NES, any of the Castlevania titles are spectacular and still hold up in fun factor today.  Once you turn one of them on it is tough to shut it off until you beat it.

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