Not sure if it's ok to post here but I have a Legend of Zelda yellow test cartridge that I acquired while I worked for a retailer service center where I worked in the mid 1990's. Apparently the retail stores sent in the Nintendo systems to be repaired/ checked out and this was a test cartridge that Nintendo provided to check out these systems. I guess they quit checking these systems in the early 90's and they put it in a box where it sat for a few years. I noticed this cartridge in the box right before chucking stuff into the trash I and saved it from a landfill. I have had this for the last 20 years and didn't realize that it is very rare until recently. It has been sitting with my collection all of this time. Apparently there are very few known copies out there. It works, the battery works and it is in mint condition except for the label coming up on the end (which was due to the cartridge being front loaded into a NES and pushed down. Other than that the label is immaculate. Here is the link (no pun intended): I am starting out listing it high to gauge interest but will keep tabs of any bids. I may revisit them later. I just thought this was unique and others might be interested to know about it. Thanks!! EvilCalvin, Today at 5:15 AM