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Hulk Ultimate Destruction. Should it be remade?

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  • I hear ya, there are soooo many great games of the past that I'd be stoked to see remade into high def!  Some off the top of my head would be One and R-Type Delta (PSOne), Killing Time, Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels and the Dungeons & Dragons games (3DO), Enclave (Xbox), and many more games from my youth... ah memories...  oh, how could I possibly leave out one of my favorite games of all time? - Rare's N64 masterpiece Jet Force Gemini!!  I woulda taken that over the Perfect Dark and Banjo Kazooie HD remakes for the Xbox 360 ANY day

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  • All good calls in classic game history. Remakes have most gamers (myself included) in this weird limbo where on one had i want all the sweet power of modern PCS and consoles to turn my childhood memories into new HD memories. On the other we as a community seem so terrified by change. If someone even MENTIONS the thought of remaking old classics we become defensive and sometimes aggressive in our view that no matter the flaw the game was perfect and if someone remade it they would just ruin it. Another great one would be Baulders Gate for PC. I want an actual Baulders gate III or a reboot of the series in HD like they did with Resident evil. Not another dragon age (though don't get me wrong Dragon age was a good game.)  That game brought such frustration and joy in my gaming career. Bitter sweet memories.

  • Ya Baldur's Gate was another great one, played that and the sequel Dark Alliance II on my Xbox.  Some other great top-down action-RPGs that I loved were Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, the latter getting some undeserved low scores by the critics... definitely a buried gem IMO.  Going back even further was D&D: Warriors of the Eternal Sun for Sega Genesis as well as the Advanced D&D: Eye of the Beholder series on the SNES.  As an avid role-playing gamer back in the day (many an all-nighter gaming session with my friends on the weekends and whenever not in class at my high school.. heck, we even did undercover sessions during study hall periods..LOL..), pretty much any game with the D&D license was an insta-buy for me..haha.. . 

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  • Good game but no need to get remade...

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