Hounds is thrilling!


Hello my fellow gamers! If you love playing third person shooter games, then I have a perfect game to suggest for you. The name of the game is “Hounds: The Last Hope.” Since the game has role playing feature, we can describe it as “role playing shooter” game. It is a free to play game whose story takes part in the future where humanity tries to survive from the invasion of alien Wickbroke army. The game has both PVP and PVE modes. For me, PVE mode is more exciting and attracting. In this mode there are several different missions. You can never know when or from where a zombie like creature may come and attack you!  When the missions are combined with the zombies and music, it can be really scary.



If you love games including zombies and especially PVE mode, I guess Hounds is the correct choice for you. For Hounds Online sign up you can visit its official website.