I remember a game I had, that Satan gave me for my birthday. I think for the super Nintendo that absolutely terrified me to play. It was a side scroller. It would start out with happy music, you would see happy cheerful animals and people waking around but as you went right it eventually started getting horrifying. The People and animals became... the least scary things they became were zombies. The sound became horrifying. And the further right you went the scarier and more terrifying the game got. I would barely make it past the mall section before throwing the controller down and running out of the room. Yet for some reason I constantly kept trying to play it knowing I couldn't hack the horror.

The game starts in a suburb area with trees and grass and nice looking houses. . And its halfway through that area that things turn bad and scary. Zombie dogs start attacking you and you have slow zombies and the trees reach out at you and you see the normal people and dogs getting killed.Then there is the mall and scary looking zombie women scream and zoom from the sides of the screen like a blur, there is an escalator with teeth you have to climb that tries to eat you and spews blood and undead gargoyle type creatures drop down swooping to catch you.

Once past the mall, things get apocalyptic looking and that was the farthest I ever made it. Hobos that tear off their own heads and throw them at you before bloodily ripping a new head out of their chest start appearing and some weird thing starts hunting you and thats just the best my fear had ever let me get.

Also you can't kill anything.


And I can't for the life of me remember the name of this game and I need the name because nobody believes me that this game existed. Its also possible my memory has embellished some things.


Edit: Now that I think of it it may have been Sega Genesis.