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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Help Deciding between what to get.

    I have a forty dollar microsoft point card. I do not know whether I should get Saints row 2 and Batman: AC ($20 each) or Saints row 3 ($30) or Borderlands 2 ($30) So can I have some advice on what to get?
  • Forum Post: Online VideoGame design class that an 8th grader could apply for

    Ok, so I am going into the 8th grade this fall. The one thing is, afterwards, there's a good 2.5 hours between dismissal and when my parents come to pick me up. My parents are kind of bugging me about having an extra curriculum so that I'm "not wasting my time". And so we unanimously...
  • Forum Post: Should I get Dragon Age 2 after playing Dragon Age: Origins?

    Ok, so I recently purchased Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition from Steam for $30. A lot of people loved the game, and I wanted to give it a shot. Plus, Dragon Age: Inquisition would be releasing for PS4 fall 2014. The problem is that most people that liked DAO did not like DA2. My question is: Should...
  • Forum Post: Dishonored 2nd playthrough?

    I beat Dishonored the other day, extremely happy with the game. But i wanted more, so I tossed the game back in and hit continue, expecting to start the game over again with all my bone charms and upgraded abilities. Instead I just started at the last save I had, at the lighthouse, and I just ended up...
  • Forum Post: UDK...y u so difficult?!

    I wasn't exactly sure where to post this but I figured this would be the best place :P So I've been using UDK for a while and I thought that I was doing pretty good. That's when I decided to mosey on over to the good old UDK forums. To my demise...I realized that even the people there that...
  • Forum Post: Can my laptop run Diablo 3?

    My laptop is a Standard Inspiron Dell the runs on Windows 7. Will Diablo 3 work well on my laptop? Graphical resolution isnt an issue, but playability is.
  • Forum Post: What Recording Software Should I Use?

    Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could help me choose what software to use to record PC gameplay. I don't have a PC yet, but I do want to do let's play/walkthroughs in the future once I do build my rig. Anyway, I've been scouring the internet, searching for the best screen capturing program...
  • Forum Post: Gamestop trade-ins...

    Okay, so I'm going to trade-in some games to be able to preorder Batman: Arkham City. Right now my local Gamestop is running a 50% extra trade-in bonus on all games, a 30% extra trade-in bonus on games traded towards one of the big titles coming out this holiday, and a 10% extra trade in bonus if...
  • Forum Post: Bastion: Pet Achievement

    Helo all, I was just curious as to what the fourth pet was. I found the Pecker (giggle) , THe Squirt, and the baby anklegator already, I was just curious as to what the fourth one even was. Any how, some help would be appreciated. PS: Also, is there a way to change my profile name?
  • Forum Post: What Arcade game should I get?

    I need help deciding what arcade game to get next. Should I get: Shadow Complex, The Maw, Comic Jumper, Splosion Man, Plants Vs. Zombies, or Trials HD?
  • Forum Post: Two questions here, please help?

    First question pertains to GI, i recently posted asking for some help on deciding which end of year game to buy first. Surprisingly, I got tons of feedback, which i greatly appreciate. Equally surprising, my thread was locked by GI, what does that mean? I didn't post ads or anything just my question...
  • Forum Post: Mass Effect 2 vs. Gears of War 3, Battlefield 3?

    I've recently decided to trade in all halo games but Reach, and Modern Warfare 2 in order to either put the money towards pre-orders from gamestop on Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3 but I also realized that all of my games are FPS and are getting old, so I also want something new, and that new is...
  • Forum Post: Black Ops Disc not Working

    I have been constantly trying to get my copy of Black Ops for the 360 to work, yet time and time again, it doesn't. It always says "Open Tray" when I put the disc in. I know it isn't the 360's problem because literally EVERY game besides Black Ops works just fine. The disc isn't...
  • Forum Post: what is a good RTS game?

    hi everybody, i was looking for a good up to date rts for pc or ps3, mainly ps3. if you only know 1 for pc still post it. also if you happen to have a link for it please post it. im more or less looking for one that has guns etc. thanks to all that help.
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