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The Official "What Console Should I Get" Thread

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  • I think it depends on what type of gamer you are....

    I prefer the Xbox 360. And that's because I'm big into online play. The 360 is great for anything online.  Previews, demos....movies anything.

    The PS3 is more powerful and from what I hear all of it's short comings are improving.

    Ultimately I'm willing to bet you already have a favorite you just need confirmation. Go with your gut. Or just pick the system most of your friends have, cuz gaming with people you kow is even more fun.

    Kneel before Zod!

  • Ps3 has better quality exclusive games

  • Seriously. I've heard many things about how the PS3 is awesome, and how it wasn't very great at all the things were just in high def.


    I need expert decision makers

  • Out of all of them, this is how I would currently rank the consoles based on overall performance:

    1. PS3

    2. XBOX360

    3. Wii

    I am the owner of an Xbox 360 and I can honestly tell you this system is a black hole. Once you are in, it keeps you in its clutches, and strips you dry. I have already been through 2 systems due to a god-awful failure rate, I couldn't switch to PS3 because I already had about $600 in games and $300 in hardware/peripherals. XBOX360 wins the prize for best online capabilities however, XBLive is still superior.

    The PS3 would have been avoided here before due to a huge price tag and lack of good games. However, at this point in time, it brings the best in near everything. The system is a total, durable package, all for only $300 now! I don't use it often, but I now it comes with built in WiFi (X360 costs $99 for adapter), BluRay ($200 seperate), and a larger HDD.

    The Wii...ugh please don't get me started. It's cheap...yes...in many, many ways. Recently, Nintendo has been worrying me. If you're going to make a revolutionary system, by all means, make a revolutionary system. But this, this is just pathetic, it isn't revolutionary, its AGGRAVATING. All of the friends I know who have it have switched to their GameCube controllers, the motion controls are THAT BAD. That and the enormous amount of shovelware crap games, lack of fun games not including Link or Mario, and last-gen system capabilities makes this thing die hard. It may be the best selling, but I'm definitely not convinced. If you are even a moderate gamer, a must avoid!!

  • This is coming from a ps3 and 360 owner and first I want to say that there is no "better" system, it all depends on the owner.

    Cons: I love Halo and Splinter Cell looks good but I am only 15 so all the really Mature games I either am not allowed to play or really don't care for.  That is the first thing about the 360 it is more Mature especially with it's big exclusives of course that doesn't matter to everyone.  There is also the basic areas of having to pay for online and buy wi-fi adapter plus having to pay extra for rechargable controllers.  Also you have to pay for for live per profile so you could get a live profile for 50 bucks a year and have to pay another 50 bucks for your brothers live

    Pros: The 360 has a large selection of games and a lot of exclusives plus with its popularity chances are you will have more friends to play with online.  Also some people say that the online is more challenging though I don't think it's that different.  the menu is also more vibrant and exciting then the ps3's though not a selling point and it feels a bit simpler to understand right out of the box when navigating it though if you read enough instructions it should all be clear on either system


    Cons: It doesn't have the largest selection of exclusives though it seems to be fixing this problem over time.  It also doesn't have the best online experience of course once your playing how much it matters isn't that big a deal.  The PS3 navigation screen kind of sucks in my opinion of course it never bothered me until I got the 360 so it might not be so much bad as the 360's is just better in most ways.

    Pros: It has free online which is nice and built in wifi.  It also has Rechargeable controllers rigt off the bat and of course incudes Blue-Ray.  Now is Blue-Ray important not always though my dad has walked into my room looked at my tv and gaped at the quality of the blue-ray and that was without an hdmi cable (it was on hdtv however) It also can hold more, for example final fantasy 13 is shipping on one blue ray disk on the ps3 and 4 disks for the 360.  Finally the PS3's best quality in my opinion is variety in exclusives.

    It has LittleBigPlanet, ModNation Racers, Gran Turismo, and the Ratchet and Clank for E-E10 ratings, it has inFamous, Uncharted 1-2, White Knight Chronicles?, Motorstorm, and Mag.  Finally for Mature games there are Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, God of War, and Demon Souls.  Plus there is playstation store games and I don't  think I even mentioned all the exclusives if you look hard enough so it definetely has good exclusives for all ages.

    I have given you the info not a suggestion you can look over this and see which one better suits you or is more important to you.

  • i could develop carpal tunnel typing why you should go 360. Im the "All Around Friend" of my senior class, therefore I wouldn't tell u anything to hurt a fellow gamer. Trust me, go Microsoft man, 360 for life.

  • The best advice is to not be swayed by all those silly things like blu ray (I call out the ps3 there, but both systems have them) and just buy the system with the best exclusives which is the three sixty. (I own both systems so dont accuse me of fanboyism)



  • psp go

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  • psp go

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  • Hey Josh, welcome to GIO : )

     I moved your post here to the "What Console Should I Get?" thread, where topics like this should be posted.

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  • I'm having the same issue in deciding which console.  I have held off on picking any next gen because I was wary.  360 with red ring and ps3 with constant add/drop of features on the MANY console versions, wii with lack of games.  I am an RPG player which includes MMO's like FFXI and soon FFXIV.  

    Exclusives don't matter as much to me because games I want to play from 360 like Alan Wake are coming to PC.  So really what system has a larger selection of RPG's and large game collection?  

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  • why, Ps3 of course its way better value.  game wise... if your really that much into halo to turn down the ps3....well the xbox would be for you. I personaly love metal gear solid 4(ps3 only) much more than halo 3. so if you end up with a ps3 i recommend starting with metal gear solid 4, uncharted 2, and assassins creed 2 (if you dont have it already).

  • you should get a playstation 3 if you dont want to pay for playing online

  • seriously not even a question the only exclusive titles that the ps3 provides are gOd of war, classic final fantasy titles, killzone, and to tell you the truth I really can't think of nething else that ps3 makes that 360 doesn't. I mean come on with the xbox you have the halo series, games like gears of war, and many more so many more titles are released on the 360. Plus the 360 has a much more organized network than the ps network. Gotta give it up for the 360

  • The PS3 is probably better than the 360. The problem isn't that the 360 is bad, it's just unreliable. After paying almost a thousand in all of yopur xbox  hard and software it could easily out of the blue get the RROD. If your warranty expires you are basically screwed into paying more and most likely they won't switch your defective board with a Jasper and it becomes a vicious cycle. Plus, you can't play Uncharted 2 on 360.


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