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Should I get the PS4 or a gaming PC (at $800)?

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  • I mean if you already have it pre-ordered then go for it but ultimately the choice is up to to you. While I would like to have another person such as yourself who seems to be reasonable and courteous if you would like  to join the PC community then by all means go ahead. Although spending $400 on something that is going to be very hard to come by later seems like a wise investment because I'm in the same boat i have the same choice but I'm going with the PS4 mostly due to fact that I still love the feel of a controller not that there is any thing wrong with mouse and keyboard, but to tell you the truth i cannot fully answer question but whatever you do decide as a fellow gamer i support your decision. Happy Gaming!

  • PS4 most likely. The PS4 will eventually have some good games on it and you can use it for netflix/hulu. Although if you eventually want to get both, then get the PC now and wait for a price drop/bundle of PS4 next year.

  • PS4.  Modding and other programs can be done on your laptop, and there is no way you will be able to create a PC as strong as PS4 for 400 bucks.  Plus with PS4 devs will optimize the games to run on it because it is a requirement.  With PC gaming you will have to update components as time passes in order to get the "intended experience".  PC gaming does rock though but I would get the PS4, since you already have a laptop.

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