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How To Contact Origin / EA (version 3)

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  • How To Contact Origin / EA (version 3)


    This is the third version of this information that I have put together.


    Origin / Electronic Arts (EA) has created an article on this themselves.  While I cover some details and options the article does not, I thought it appropriate to mention it here.  The article does have graphics that my post does not.  A link to it is below.



    Origin and EA are now the same company.  They are one and the same.


    Steps To Contact Origin/EA

    To contact Origin/EA, you may follow these steps. These steps provide opportunities to contact Origin/EA using voice phone (they would call you at a number you give), using online text chat, and by using email (via a web form).


    These steps already assume you have an Origin/EA account that is properly setup.


    Also, for those who remember it, the old support website of http://support.ea.com/ is no more. The correct website is given in the directions below. When I've used the old website address, it simply redirected me to the new website. I don't know for how long Origin/EA will keep doing that.


    1. Login to the http://help.ea.com/ website.

    2. Click on the "TALK TO A GAME ADVISOR" button.

    3. Answer the question, "Are you contacting us about an existing case?" If you answer yes, then select the appropriate case. [If you don't have any pre-existing open cases, this step will be omitted.]

    4. Answer the question, "What product is your question about?". As you begin typing, a drop down menu of Origin/EA games will be present. Select one.  If your inquiry is not about an Origin/EA game, then select one anyway (preferably one that you actually do play).  When you communicate with Origin/EA, you can tell them that your inquiry was not really about this game.  You can explain that you simply selected it since you had to put something into that field.

    5. Select the platform you are using from the drop-down menu. [If the game you chose in the step above only operates on one platform, this step may automatically be done for you.]

    6. Now, at this point, you should see three options listed. One button is to have Origin/EA call you (using a number you leave for them). One button is for online text chat. One button is for email (via a web form).

    7. Continue to complete all of the remaining steps in a logical fashion. These remaining steps will vary greatly depending on which contact option you select. These remaining steps will also vary depending on the answers you provide along the way. For these reasons, it is not practical for me to try to cover them in detail here.


    I've noticed that contact options are sometimes grayed out, meaning that they are not available (at least temporarily so). For example, the option to have someone from Origin/EA call you only appears to be available during certain times of the day.


    The email option also includes the message, "Email an EA Advisor and receive a response within 24 hours". I've had very, very bad experiences where some random response was given to me through email. I'm talking about a response that had absolutely NOTHING to do with my message. I've had the impression that some Game Advisors are rushing their response in order to meet this 24 hour deadline. So, in my correspondence with Origin/EA, I typically include the following statement. Feel free to use (or modify) if you wish.



    Please note that I do NOT require a response within 24 hours. I am fine with receiving a response within 168 hours (7 days). I am more interested in receiving a genuine response that actually addresses this matter than in receiving a quick response that doesn't.



    Phone Help

    There are many, many phone numbers for calling Origin/EA.  One day, I called Origin/EA using a particular phone number.  While talking to the Game Advisor, I asked for their hours and learned that she was on the East Coast of the United States.  Later that same day, I called Origin/EA using that same phone number.  While talking to the Game Advisor, she said she was in Texas of the United States.  Apparently, that same number could be routed to different call centers.  I suspect that many, if not all, of the Origin/EA phone numbers are setup this way.  So, a particular phone number for Origin/EA probably isn’t any better than any other one.


    One Origin/EA call center told me their hours were 8 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time.  Another call center told me their hours are 7 AM to 9 PM Central Time.  Yet another Origin/EA phone number gave their hours as 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time.  I know that at least one call center is open seven days a week.  So, it is hard to say what hours you can call.  I would simply try calling.  If you can’t reach someone, try calling during some of the hours given in this paragraph.


    With that said, below is a phone number that I have had relatively good experiences with.  Again, Origin and EA are the same company now.


    Origin phone support

    (855) 674-4461

    This is a number in the United States.

    Typical hours are 8 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time, seven days a week (see discussion two paragraphs above).  In all likelihood, these numbers follow Daylight Savings Time.


    Last Words

    I hope this helps!


    If you have any good information on contacting Origin/EA, post it here!




  • ive never really had issues with them that required me contacting them...but this info is certainly useful

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  • We have to have a guide to contact a companies support line? Said company fails.

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