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GTA V?????

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  • the way the garage system works, is when you have a garage, you also have a mechanic that goes with it, he takes a daily wage of about 200 dollars in the multiplayer, but i think hes free in the single player. (not 100% on that)

    when you steal a car, you need to take it to your garage, and then it becomes yours. if its impounded, you need to go to the blue car icon on the map before the cops destroy it. this can happen when you play as any character, another character might get his car impounded, so you need to switch to them and go save it

    the cars do get dirty and broken so take it to a car wash or mechanic in game, again you can also bring it to your garage, leave for awhile, and then come back to a brand new car.

    its a little different in the multiplayer, but the single player they made it really easy, steal a car, bring it home, everyone forgets about it, now its yours yay ;)

    also as a side note, your car can be impounded at any time its not in your garage, and it will be if youre killed or caught by the cops, excluded if they blow it up to kill you of course

  • Here is something that should help you online.


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