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Can someone explain Animal Crossing to me?

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  • I haven't played it much myself.. But basically it's like The Sims only... With more interesting characters?

  • it's a kids game where you live in a village with talking animals,

    and they want you to be a good neighbor by talking to them everyday, collecting museum exibits, and participating in town festivals.

    you can fish, look for fruit or catch bugs, dig for fossils, and hit townspeople with shovels ;) (they get mad)

    you can also chop down or plant new trees, flowers, and build the town up with benches and other customizables. you can shop, buy or sell your found item items, and buy clothes, to make your charackter unique,

    and lastly you can visit your friends towns and have them visit your town in return.

    its an interesting kids game

  • @keife191: It's a game for everyone, not just kids.

  • It's a weird social life simulator in which you have to make relationships with the townsfolk, who are all anthropomorphic animals, and help build up your town. It's a great series, although there isn't much variety between each game. Wild World for the DS is my favourite, I put so many hours in to that.

  • I've been playing this series since the Game Cube version. The premise is you enter a town after leaving your previous home and a local shop owner gives you a new house on loan. After that, the game is what you make it. You have a variety of tasks that you may do, such as fish, catch bugs, socialize, or just find stuff and sell it.

    I always struggle to explain this game to someone who's never played it. It sounds like there isn't much to do, but I never seem to run out. I usually spend a while fishing in the game in an attempt to earn money to upgrade my house, as well as take the time to try and fill up the museum with things like paintings and fossils. The game is very open ended, and has no real "purpose" so to speak, but if there were to be an overall goal, I would think it's to first upgrade your home all the way and pay it off. Maybe second complete the museum or furnish the home just how you like it, then try to get the golden net/rod/shovel ect.

    As a note to this, this is no short endeavor. Completing all of this will take...more than likely years. Certain fish and bugs are only available in certain seasons for instance. It's really a game about relaxing. I like to kick back with this for an hour or so every few nights with some tea.

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