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  • Okay so gamers, I need your help.

    My brother really wants a console for christmas, but he wants the 360.

    Here is my deal.

    Xbox 360's tend to break alot or break your games. The E74 problem, Red Rings of Death or scratching your disks. I surveyed my a whole bunch of people in my school yesterday and they all said that they have never had any problems with their ps3  as opposed to most people who said their 360 broke 3 to 5 teams.

    As opposed to games whenever my bro goes over our friends house, we play online and he pretty much kicks everyones ass rare occassions happen when he's actually trying. When my brother plays uncharted 2 he gets angry and starts talking smack which is a sign that he's getting his butt whooped, meaning he's enjoying it. ;D Point being, he gets more of a challenge and has more fun on PS3.

    The only games the 360 has that he likes that are exclusive is Halo and everything else I can just  get on my PC. PS3 has a whole bunch of games he likes to play but he continues to ask for a 360.

    He doesn't take of his stuff and since the 360 disks are easy to scratch..... PS3 has 10 layers of plastic and my disks for it have never recieved a scratch.

    My brother likes playing online, but I don't feel like paying 50 dollars to get what he can get on the PS3.

    Then there is the whole battery problem.

    My brothers wants it but it has so many costs that I don't feel like paying and I can get the same thing and more on PS3.

    I want my brother to have a good christmas this year because he didn't get squat he wanted last time. So help. >_<