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  • Burn In:

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this, but I can't imagine I'm the only person with a plasma TV who enjoys video games, but those health bars/HUDS are an issue with image retention/burn-in. I currently have a plasma TV and love it, but those static images cause issues.  I'm looking at a new TV, but every review I read for LED TVs all have motion lag/blur issues with fast images.

    The point of this thread is to somehow start a petition to have game developers add a brightness option to static icons the same way they allow you to adjust overall brightness.  I can't imagine this would be a difficult fix and would probably just require a very minor download, but it would go a long way towards saving my plasma from image retention issues; honestly does the health bar need to be in torch mode?  

    As I said, not sure if this is the place or the correct way to do this but you have to start somewhere.  If there are any other gamers out there with this issue or who would like to see this option give a shout out.