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  • I have several games that I enjoy playing on a regular basis and I often never get around to the following. 

    So which ones should I tackle first and why?

    My Games Backlog-


    Overlord-PC: started

    The Witcher-PC: started

    L.A Noire-PC: 30% but requires replay

    STALKER Call of Pripyat and ClearSky-PC: started and not installed

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City and III-PC: both started

    Sniper Ghost Warrior-PC: started

    World in Conflict and Soviet Assault-PC: started

    The Walking Dead-PC: started

    Dragon Age Origins COMPLETE-Xbox: Started and PC version not downloaded

    X2 The Threat-PC: started

    Star Wars Republic Commando-PC: Significant portion completed but requires replay

    Metro 2033-PC: started

    Assasins Creed 3-PC: started but stopped from lack of opptimization

    Just Cause 2-PC: Just messed around but not really worth campaign

    Brothers in Arms Hells Highway-Xbox: started

    Condemed 2 Bloodshot-Xbox: Unopened

    Splinter Cell Double Agent-Xbox: started but quit due to frustration

    Heavy Rain-PS3: started