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  • I'm on my third case of RRoD.  As a soldier serving overseas, I can attest to Microsoft's change in policy to shiping to APO addresses.  They sent me a box with shipping label and detailed instructions.  Reps even called me back quite frequently to make sure I was happy and had recieved said box and shipped my broken Xbox off. 

    That being said, it's very hard right now to convince myself not to buy a PS3.  I'm not a Sony hater.  I loved the PS1 & PS2.  I won't lie and say I don't ABSOLUTELY prefer the Xbox 360.

    It's just really hard right now, trying to convince myself to NOT buy a PS3.  Are there similar flaws with the PS3?  Am I being a blind fanboy for asking these questions in the first place?  Shouldn't I have given Microsoft the finger the first TWO times this happened?  Why am I so anxious to get my Xbox back?

    All in all, it would be great to at the very least, have another Blu-Ray player in the house.  For some reason, none of my friends feel comfortable watching Blu-Ray's in my bedroom.  Go figure.  But with the awesomeness of MGS 4, Infamous, and Drakes 1 & 2, it's a lot harder to forgive 2 months of no gaming. 

    Especially when it's an Xbox 360 ELITE I bought 7 months ago!!!  Are we not past this yet, MICROSOFT???