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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: 2011 VGA Game of The Year

    Here are the nominees for game of the year: Batman: Arkham City Portal 2 Zelda skyward sword Edler Scrolls: Skyrim Uncharted 3 Drakes deception Who do u thnk will win? If you ask me I don't think elder scrolls or uncharted will win because they won before. And I never heard a wii game being game...
  • Forum Post: Drizzt Do Urden Game

    I love reading fantasy and my favorite series of books are the Drizzt Do Urden series by R.A. Salvatore. After reading the entire series and admiring Drizzt for years, I was thinking about how amazing it would be to play a video game trilogy based on Salvatores books. For those of you that have read...
  • Forum Post: Way of the Samurai 3! I LOVE the original WotS, especially the opportunity it gives the player to choose his/her own path and influence the events of the game world. The combat was fun, too! I'm happy to see this series return. Here's a preview...
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