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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Telltale's The Walking Dead: No Going Back Discussion Thread

    As many are aware, Season Two of Telltale's The Walking Dead has recently come to a dramatic and tearful close with the release of Episode Five: No Going Back. Over the course of the next few days I suspect many people will finish up the game and want to discuss the choices they made with other eager...
  • Forum Post: Best Game Trading Sites / Forums?

    What are your favorite Game Trading Sites / Forums? I was with for years and had great luck with them. Yes, you had to be patient for any of the games you wanted but you received what you wanted after some time. Since its closing I am in need of a place that I can trade my games in to get...
  • Forum Post: Why do we always preorder and fall to the hype train?

    Just curious into other opinions. We see all these "gameplay" and cinematic trailers for games these days, and then preorder the game, and then moan about it being bad when it is released? Is it not your fault if you preorder a game that if it turns out to be ***? Or is it the companies who...
  • Forum Post: PC and Console: Why both are needed

    One thing that I can see a lot is the amount of war that rages on in the gaming industry, if it be picking which console to get (their all freaking great BTW, just pick one), but there is always a lot of *** between the PC and the console market. Both are needed in my opinion. And here's why. PC...
  • Forum Post: Visual Differences

    Since the announcement of GTA V coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC at E3, I've been seeing tons of people talking about how they don't see a difference in the visual quality of the older systems to the newer ones. Are there really people who genuinely can't see the differences in the quality...
  • Forum Post: Watch Dogs: PC or Console?

    First note that graphics are not important to me. Secondly note my computer is good, but it is certainly not top of the line. I needed a computer that can play games, not one that can do it at at max settings. Thirdly, my console is a PS3 With that noted: This decision is not a graphical one, it would...
  • Forum Post: Do you like specific moments in games?

    If you do, what are those moments? Mine are the final battles.
  • Forum Post: Saints Row Needs To Return To Its Roots!

    watch?v=XeZDJkaews love all the games, want a discussion on what you guys think
  • Forum Post: What games are you looking forward to

    Personally as an stealth kind of fan, I'm looking forward to the Thief reboot. Considering I have never played any of the others, this looks quite enticing, having to be totally quiet and feeling rewarding for it. I'm just hoping the focus ability is balanced, not having to rely on it a lot....
  • Forum Post: Reasons as to why Batman: Arkham fans may not have to fret about the Arkham universe not coming to next-gen

    Ok, here are some reasons that are based on good trends in Arkham games (and games in general) that will make people complain less about Arkham never coming to next-gen; Judging by trends in the Arkham franchise, there will be a GOTY edition (Game Of The Year edition), and seeing what happened with the...
  • Forum Post: What Is the Best Gaming Deal You've Ever Gotten?

    Have you ever got some game or system for an insanely low price? Share below. For example, today I went into Target and found a brand new copy of Bioshock Infinite on clearance for $30. I couldn't believe my luck. Of course I bought it. I also got the original Bioshock for free since it was the PS3...
  • Forum Post: Which system won the "Console War"?

    As the current console war is coming close to its end with the announcement of the PS4 and the Wii U being released, I think now is the best time to decide which system won this generation's console war. The console war between the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii began in 2006. It has been 7 years that these...
  • Forum Post: Getting rid of the Close-Mindedness.

    As a relatively biased person, I have always pretty much liked no games other than Shooters or Racing Games. Recently, I was without internet (What a freaking pain), so I borrowed Mass Effect 3 from a friend, and was instantly engrossed. I played it for 32 hours straight, and even went out to get the...
  • Forum Post: What Beta's Have You Played In?

    Post what betas you have played in. I always try to be in betas, just so i can say i was in them. LOL please post the ones you have been in. Or if you even care. I keep a list on my phone, here it is. 1.Diablo 3 2.Starhawk 3.Gears Of War 3 4.Gotham City Imposters 5.Battlefield 3 6.Halo Reach 7.Uncharted...
  • Forum Post: What's the Scariest Game You've Ever Played?

    While I realize this would be more appropriate for Halloween, I'm not waiting nine months to ask a simple question.
  • Forum Post: What game should I play next?

    So after black friday and cyber monday deals, I've doubled my gaming backlog. Apparently when I've got a huge amount of games to play, I end up overwhelmed and end up playing way less, so I'm in need of some help deciding. Since I'm not looking to purchase anymore for the time being,...
  • Forum Post: Did you buy a console more than once this generation?

    I've started to wonder about console sales numbers. Being around gamers as much as I am, both here, in school, and in my recent jobs, I've encountered a surprising number of gamers who purchased a single console more than once over this generation. This has occurred for a couple reasons--the...
  • Forum Post: Racism In online gaming?

    Why do people decide to put Racial Clan tags in games like COD, and go on stereotypical onslaughts on gamers while they play online?
  • Forum Post: Borderlands 2 Trade Thread (PS3)

    I am looking for a commando skin called "Red Letter Day",I have a spare "Sand Blasted" Commando head or $30,000 IN GAME cash that I would be willing to trade for it. If you have the skin and want to trade reply in the comments with your PSN ID.(PS3 players only please).
  • Forum Post: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 5

    Well it's pretty official, Katsura Hashino, Atlus head honcho told Famistu (as of early August) that Persona 5 is now the main focus. So lets talk about it!
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