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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Black Ops 3

    This is probably a stupid question, but do you have to have a 4 player team in Black Ops 3 co-op campaign? I'd rather just play with one friend online, not local split-screen. Your replies would be very appreciated!
  • Forum Post: Clash Of Zombies do you play?

    COZ is a great game with the best heroes.That is if you like comic books or mangas.Try playing it if you haven't already. Share the post Add me 9828674
  • Forum Post: Night Terrors - Do You Think This Is The Next Step Towards Virtual Reality?

    Here is a trailer for the game. I think this concept is a step up from Oculus Rift, but in a different way. This immerses players in the situation itself, making a truly horrific experience. What do you people think of this game?
  • Forum Post: Customize

    What is our absolute limit? I believe this to be the most important question, not just in the video game industry (or any other industry for that matter) but in our entire existence. What is our absolute limit? Some would say "what is the meaning of life?" or "what is the purpose of existence...
  • Forum Post: Malice eSports

    If you are looking to join a great gaming community look no further than Malice eSports. If you are interested check us out at the Mailce eSports Website .
  • Forum Post: Battlefront 3 with DICE, EA Contract & Leaked Gameplay!

    Hey guys! I was thinking I could share this video here of all the new informations about SW: Battlefront 3:
  • Forum Post: Your opinion on "Defiance" what you like and dislike

    After playing Trion worlds new game, Defiance, for about a week now I've decided that for the first big MMO for the platform, it is very well done and entertaining. The servers do tend to go down every 6 hours or so which is expected but they are down for 30 minutes tops. I would like to know other...
  • Forum Post: What Beta's Have You Played In?

    Post what betas you have played in. I always try to be in betas, just so i can say i was in them. LOL please post the ones you have been in. Or if you even care. I keep a list on my phone, here it is. 1.Diablo 3 2.Starhawk 3.Gears Of War 3 4.Gotham City Imposters 5.Battlefield 3 6.Halo Reach 7.Uncharted...
  • Forum Post: Customization-Heavy Multiplayer Tile-Based Strategy Game

    Hey everyone, my name's Woody and I'm the project manager over at Thunderpunch Studios. We're hard at work on a customization-heavy tile-based strategy game and I'm just looking to drum up a little community support. If you're a fan of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, Heroclix, tabletop...
  • Forum Post: Halo 4 GI Community Match

    GI community Halo 4 multiplayer match The release of the much anticipated Halo 4 is almost upon us. So to celebrate this release, for all of you going to the midnight release, at 2:00 so this way everyone has time to get home and unwrap their game, we will all join a multiplayer match with GI community...
  • Forum Post: has anybody EVER even used "Sticky Keys?"

    Sticky keys, (press the shift key 5 times) is a complete annoyance to any gamer. for almost any game that uses the shift key, like minecraft, have this problem. It stops your game and causes you to get killed in multiplayer games. I mean, what the hell does it even do?
  • Forum Post: Petition For Free Xbox Multiplayer and more

    Everyone Please if you want free Multiplayer and more on Xbox Live please sign this petition and .We want everyone who is sick and tired of paying so much money and getting so little from XBL Gold so sign this please! All they need is your first...
  • Forum Post: Borderlands or Bioshock?

    I'm looking into getting into a new series. I've spent many hours on Skyrim lately and need to move to something else for a little bit. I finally just busted out Saints Row: The Third. I'm willing to play pretty much anything. Bioshock and Borderlands are the two that look the best to me...
  • Forum Post: Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 what we know so far

    So I just read this article on naruto shippuden ultimate ninja storm 3 and they said it would go all the way back to the begining of naruto which is basically what they did in Generations. I don't have a problem with it but I just want the game done right. No limits on substitution, put clashing...
  • Forum Post: What's the Difference?

    There's Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I get the fact that Super Street Fighter IV is an updated version of Street Fighter IV with new game modes and new characters, as well as a few tweaks. But what's the difference between Super Street...
  • Forum Post: Battlefield 3 | Booster packs did not break the game. I can explain.

    Way to often I hear on Battlefield 3 online people complaining that how lower level no experience players have everything unlocked and that it breaks the game or they'll think its not fair. It may not be fair, but the fact is that they may have everything unlocked. It doesn't mean they know how...
  • Forum Post: The proper pronunciation of "multiplayer"

    This has been bugging me for some time now, so I thought i'd ask y'all: How do you pronounce it?, multEEEplayer or multiiiplayer?. Its a little thing, i know, but like I said its bothersome.
  • Forum Post: Games That Could (and Should) Make a Return

    I'm probably reaching here but, I think it would be great not only for the culture but for the business if some of these games could be brought up to date/revisited: 1. Streets Of Rage 4 2. PowerStone 3 3. New Shinobi (maybe a weird Ninja Gaiden/Splinter Cell hybird) 4. The cancelled Chakan: The...
  • Forum Post: Battlefield 3 personal lobby subscriptions.

    What are your thoughts on the new BF 3 lobby subscriptions. Good deal or a greedy mistake. I personally am neutral as long as the there are ample lobbies still sporting open options. I have had numerous glitches since the update on the other hand. Like being spawned with my arms stuck in the air, and...
  • Forum Post: Advice for a limited ability avid gamer.....

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE I have played games a while. My last console was on old N64....limped that for years until buying a Wii. Got my very first FPS and was hooked. Total blast! Single player campaign blew me away and online was a blast in and of itself (remember, I was coming...
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