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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Square Enix could've done an HD version for FF VII?

    So I work at a Gamestop, I was talking to one of my co-workers the other day. Specifically about the Final Fantasy X and X-2, HD edition. Then he commented that Square Enix could have used the money that they used to make Final fantasy XIII Lighting Returns to remaster Final Fantasy VII. What do you...
  • Forum Post: Malice eSports

    If you are looking to join a great gaming community look no further than Malice eSports. If you are interested check us out at the Mailce eSports Website .
  • Forum Post: xLSx Clan will be live streaming all of our diamond clan wars

    xLSx Clan will be live streaming all of our diamond clan wars starting at 6:30 pm est Fri, Sat, Sun until we are done. you can watch the stream on twitch. the page will be we are hoping you tune in and and follow our stream for great game play.
  • Forum Post: Re: The official "What's the last game you beat?" thread

    Zim to Neptune lastnight
  • Forum Post: What franchise from any type of media do you think would be a great game?

    As much as I loved Firefly, I have to go with Gotrek and Felix from Warhammer. It would make a great RPG with epic boss fights, and begs to be played co-op. While Space Marine was a bit of a disappointment for the 40k universe, the Dawn of War games were really pretty good for what they were. I just...
  • Forum Post: Regimental Chess - For the brutal intellect

    We just launched a free online game for PC or Mac. Regimental Chess - for the brutal intellect. Check out our website:, or look us up on facebook. Large armies of chess pieces move and capture in mass formations. Games can range up to twelve divisions with 386 pieces. Our website...
  • Forum Post: A game I want to raise awareness about :D 1. Prealpha stuff here, so almost nothing is known about it other that it's an underwater exploration game. 2. Made by the guys who made Natural Selection 2 (also a great game) 3. IT"S AWESOME :D 4. Check it out, they seem to want to bring in as many people...
  • Forum Post: Would you consider playing a text-based computer game?

    I'm a fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure books (still have about a dozen from when I was a kid), I love writing and I love videogames. With that said, I'm beginning to write a story that I would like to turn into a text-based game in the future. I haven't played Zork although I've heard...
  • Forum Post: I'm looking for a game in youtube video

    Hello gameinformers! I hope you can tell me what is the game featured in this youtube video? I was searching everywhere but sadly couldn't find it... Thanks!
  • Forum Post: PSA: That "Hollywood monster" indie fighting game mentioned in the Scareplay? It's finished :) Link to the game: >>>>>> So for the uninitated, "Terrordrome" is a free, indie fighting game using digitized sprites (a la classic Mortal...
  • Forum Post: Nihilumbra HD is now available on Steam (DEMO INCLUDED)!

    Hi all, I work at BeautiFun Games, and want to introduce you to our new title: Nihilumbra ( link on Steam ) . Nihilumbra is a dark tale that takes shape as a solid puzzle platformer where you play as Born, a weird but also charming being that one day separated and grew up from The Void. The Void seems...
  • Forum Post: Challenge Accepted: Let's Play/Start something

    Hey, Have you ever just dared your friends to do stupid things in video games ? Like see how long you can go in Call of Duty with only knife kills, or play Skyrim doing fists only and see if you can punch that dragon in the face. I used to do dumb stuff like that all the time. I am trying to start a...
  • Forum Post: Anyone know about console lifetimes?

    I got my Xbox 360 used / refurbished and so far I haven't had any problems with it aside from an occasional humming after the system has been turned off (I remedy this by unplugging). I also have a Game Cube that I got from a friend for free. I know it's hard to predict the life time of these...
  • Forum Post: Sins of the Prophets (Halo Based Mod)

    If you are familiar with the acclaimed 4x strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire (SoaSE) you will know of the huge scale of the space battles and the intricacies of spreading your empire. If not then it is about building huge fleets of space ships and sending them to fight other huge fleets of space ships...
  • Forum Post: favorite fighter in your favorite fighting games

    Mr. Game and Watch- Super Smash Bros. King- Tekken Johnny Cage- Mortal Kombat Green Lantern- Injustice but mostly Mr. game and Watch
  • Forum Post: Battlefront 3 with DICE, EA Contract & Leaked Gameplay!

    Hey guys! I was thinking I could share this video here of all the new informations about SW: Battlefront 3:
  • Forum Post: YOUR opinion about good games

    Hello there, Right now I work on my master thesis which deals mainly with video games (PC, console, etc...). I would like to find out what makes a game a good game in your opinion. Furthermore I want to find out more details about your purchase decision. I created a survey which takes only about 4 min...
  • Forum Post: Hello, I am a game design student from germany, Berlin looking for participants in my bachelor thesis study!

    Hello! My name is Julius Peters and I'm from Berlin, Germany. I am conducting a study on gamer habits and cultural differences between european and american gamers. I would be very pleased if I could have 20 minutes of your time. All you need to do is play two different game versions presented to...
  • Forum Post: If I made a Game...

    If I made a Game it would be called Top-Down Tribute. It would feature a top down camera angle throughout most of the game, and each section would pay tribute to recent games. For example, a Fez themed section would feature pixel graphics, the shoulder buttons would not change the perspective, but shift...
  • Forum Post: What games should be ported to Wiiu

    What games would you love to see on the Wiiu. I would want to have Leauge of Legends on it. I think putting it on there would give Nintendo a huge advantage and the screen could be used to cast the spells and as a big map.
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