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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Night Terrors - Do You Think This Is The Next Step Towards Virtual Reality?

    Here is a trailer for the game. I think this concept is a step up from Oculus Rift, but in a different way. This immerses players in the situation itself, making a truly horrific experience. What do you people think of this game?
  • Forum Post: What games would make great movies?

    What games do you think would make great movies and why? I think some of the old point and click adventure games would make good movies. The Monkey Island games, Kings Quest 6 (it was the most fun), Day of the Tentacle or Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade ( I think they did try to make a movie out of...
  • Forum Post: What franchise from any type of media do you think would be a great game?

    As much as I loved Firefly, I have to go with Gotrek and Felix from Warhammer. It would make a great RPG with epic boss fights, and begs to be played co-op. While Space Marine was a bit of a disappointment for the 40k universe, the Dawn of War games were really pretty good for what they were. I just...
  • Forum Post: Reasons as to why Batman: Arkham fans may not have to fret about the Arkham universe not coming to next-gen

    Ok, here are some reasons that are based on good trends in Arkham games (and games in general) that will make people complain less about Arkham never coming to next-gen; Judging by trends in the Arkham franchise, there will be a GOTY edition (Game Of The Year edition), and seeing what happened with the...
  • Forum Post: Sins of the Prophets (Halo Based Mod)

    If you are familiar with the acclaimed 4x strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire (SoaSE) you will know of the huge scale of the space battles and the intricacies of spreading your empire. If not then it is about building huge fleets of space ships and sending them to fight other huge fleets of space ships...
  • Forum Post: favorite fighter in your favorite fighting games

    Mr. Game and Watch- Super Smash Bros. King- Tekken Johnny Cage- Mortal Kombat Green Lantern- Injustice but mostly Mr. game and Watch
  • Forum Post: Super Mario Bros. Best Game of All Time?

    A friend of mine showed me a show on G4, before it went to hell, that was counting down the top 100 video games of all time. Super Mario Bros. came in at number one. I'm not saying it isn't a great game, I have enjoyed it and will continue to enjoy it for years to come. What would your number...
  • Forum Post: What's the Scariest Game You've Ever Played?

    While I realize this would be more appropriate for Halloween, I'm not waiting nine months to ask a simple question.
  • Forum Post: Which older title is your favorite?

    I'm talking Nintendo 64 old and such. My favorite has got to be Super Mario 64. It's interesting to see how the games have changed over the years.
  • Forum Post: What's the Difference?

    There's Street Fighter IV, Super Street Fighter IV, and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. I get the fact that Super Street Fighter IV is an updated version of Street Fighter IV with new game modes and new characters, as well as a few tweaks. But what's the difference between Super Street...
  • Forum Post: Most anticipated game!

    Whats your most anticipated game and which Platform? This can include most anticpated DLC that your wanting or know for sure is coming out. Also any mini, arcade, or even mobile games. P.S. PLEASE dont go dissin people on which platform they like the most. They all have pros and cons. PERIOD.
  • Forum Post: Gamers Wanted!

    You are invited to participate in a study of people’s attitudes toward the military and their media use. If you are interested in taking part in this research, you will be asked to fill out a brief (20 minute) online survey. Participation is voluntary and you can sto...p at any time. Your responses...
  • Forum Post: How do you decide which console for a multi platform game?

    I'm always wondering how other people such as me who still owns practically every console since the super nintendo to PC with the latest PC specs? So lets say you want Mass Effect 3 and you may or may not have played ME1 & 2, or you dont care about continuing your previous character, what platform...
  • Forum Post: Kids These Days...

    They just never learn to keep their mouths shut... or microphones muted for this matter. Enjoy the hilarity
  • Forum Post: Dead Space Randomness Montage

    You guys like it? Tell me what you think about it.
  • Forum Post: MW3 - 14-2 ONLYUSEmeBLADE Style SnD

    Enjoy this one guys! First time really owning in Search and Destroy! And with a knifing setup too! :D
  • Forum Post: X-mas MW3 Commentary!

    I hope you guys enjoy this one! :D
  • Forum Post: is Homestuck good enough to become a video game?

    I just wanted to ask this question. if the video game industry knew about Homestuck would they make it into a game? if so would they stay true to the story and only take out the unnessasary parts? mabey only tweaking it a little, or would they only stay true to the concept and make something completly...
  • Forum Post: What's your favorite game that nobody likes or thinks sucks

    now we all have a game that we have played and loved despite bad reviews and hate the game generates. For example mine is Sonic Riders alot people say this is awful but to me I think that this is the best Sonic racing I have ever played.
  • Forum Post: Why are E3 games the only ones to be bought????!!!

    I think that some games that were not at E3 are great and should be bought! But the focus is mostly on E3 titles! I think that all games (unless terribly suck) should be looked into and wanted by lots of gamers! So what do you think!
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