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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Night Terrors - Do You Think This Is The Next Step Towards Virtual Reality?

    Here is a trailer for the game. I think this concept is a step up from Oculus Rift, but in a different way. This immerses players in the situation itself, making a truly horrific experience. What do you people think of this game?
  • Forum Post: What Do You Want From Fallout 4:

    What I Want From Fallout 4 watch?v=l 5zDzO5ApQ What Do You Want?
  • Forum Post: Blast From The Past :YEAR 1997: Fallout

    I appreciate all the games in the Fallout franchise but like a good amount of fans i only knew of fallout from fallout 3 and new vegas but when i discovered they were other games before that I had to try it out, I did not know that I would embrace the first 2 fallout games and they became some of my...
  • Forum Post: A Message To Bethesda From A Fan.

    watch?v=NFxH2soLFdw Hopefully they learn from their mistakes!
  • Forum Post: COD Modern Warfare 2 lobbys!!??

  • Forum Post: Fallout Fever

    I have fallout fever, that feeling you get when playing another game (in my case skyrim) and out of noware all you want to do is mininuke the *** out of something (in my case windhelm). Well this feeling doesnt just go away, it sticks to you untill you act on it. Sadly for me, fallout (both 3 and new...
  • Forum Post: Gamers Wanted!

    You are invited to participate in a study of people’s attitudes toward the military and their media use. If you are interested in taking part in this research, you will be asked to fill out a brief (20 minute) online survey. Participation is voluntary and you can sto...p at any time. Your responses...
  • Forum Post: X-mas MW3 Commentary!

    I hope you guys enjoy this one! :D
  • Forum Post: What are some games with great stories and good morals?

    I'm doing a project and basically, I'm in need of video games with great stories with good morals. I have a lot of newer games,but any will do really. Here is what I have so far: Bioshock 1 and 2 Red Dead Redemption Fallout 3 and New Vegas Grand Theft Auto 4 Assassin's Creed 2 Deus Ex: Human...
  • Forum Post: Why are people not getting Rage?

    People are ignoring Rage like it's a wanna be Fallout/Borderlands, well it's not, it looks amazing, it's put together buy Bethesda and Id and has the potential to be a huge blockbuster game, so what gives?
  • Forum Post: Is it worth paying for older games.

    I was playing Persona 3 the other day and I had a thought I think should be discussed. Would it be worth paying out almost 120 dollars to play persona 1 and 2? Both games are extremely rare in second hand stores so you would prob go online to find them. I think I should just let them pass. What do you...
  • Forum Post: The Fallout 3 Dunwich Building Challenge

    This is my Dunwich Building Challenge for all of you who are feeling a bit adventurous and brave. The Challenge Enter the Dunwich Building and get all the way to the end where Jamie is worshiping the pillar. Then get out. Conditions 1. For full effect, play this game late at night. Like pitch black late...
  • Forum Post: What in the world is going on over at Bethesda Publishing?

    It seems to me that there is something amiss over at Bethesda. I understand they have quite a huge roster coming out...but they have yet to define themselves as a Publisher. Not to discredit the great games that are both DEVELOPED and PUBLISHED by Bethesda (Oblivion, Fallout 3) I'm talking about...
  • Forum Post: Shock and Awe

    What was the first game that made you say... OMG ... Whether it be because of the graphics, storyline, main character dying, etc...
  • Forum Post: Does anyone role play in RPGs?

    I love RPGs but I cant help but feel alone in a vast sea of ridicule when it comes to actually creating a character or role playing as the character in the game. Im constantly being told by friends and other gamers that "its a waste of time" but I always enjoy planning quest/missions as plot...
  • Forum Post: Brink, in all its epic...ness.

    So Brink is coming out soon and it looks pretty awesome, I'm just hoping its turns out to be awesome and not just look it because Bethesda is new in the "multi-player" thing that Brink looks like. It kind of makes me wonder if this will be just another Team Fortress or Monday Night Combat...
  • Forum Post: What are some upcoming game's you want?

    What are sone game's you want?
  • Forum Post: Fallout: First Person or Third Person?

    One thing I loved about Fallout 3 was the ability to switch between first and third person modes. I mostly preferred third person so I could see my character running around the wasteland, but when in buildings I would usually switch to first. Now that Fallout: New Vegas is out, I was wondering what the...
  • Forum Post: Killing the Annoying Fan

    What is the coolest, most disgusting, funny, disturbing way you have kill the Annoying Fan in TES or Fallout. Mine would have to be when I knocked TAF off of a cliff in Oblivion. Or when I blew his head off, then knocked him off a tower. There are more possibilities in Fallout 3 IMO
  • Forum Post: Most Underrated Developer.

    I think in my opinion it is Bethesda. They have taken a lot of crap from the original Fallout fans and others. But enough about me, what is your most underrated developer.
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