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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Best E3 2015 Game

    I'm guessing most people are probably going to say Fallout 4, but I honestly wan't all that hyped about it. I'm really pumped about Horizon Zero Dawn, since it really just came out of nowhere, but I think my overall favorite is probably Uncharted 4. Mad Max, ME2, No Man's Sky, and Ghost...
  • Forum Post: As game technology advances, graphics seem to be regressing. Have we reached a budgetary tipping point in Video Games?

    Over the last few months, I've noticed that my copies of Game Informer are often filled with previews and reviews for indie games. Not that there's anything wrong with indie games; they're a bastion for creativity, a way to vent the quirky ideas a big-budget title may not be willing to take...
  • Forum Post: Night Terrors - Do You Think This Is The Next Step Towards Virtual Reality?

    Here is a trailer for the game. I think this concept is a step up from Oculus Rift, but in a different way. This immerses players in the situation itself, making a truly horrific experience. What do you people think of this game?
  • Forum Post: China Rising DLC Free on PS4 on 12/17

    Looks like the China Rising DLC will be free beginning 12/17. Not sure if that's because of PS+ or as a "thank you" for EA for the issues on the console. This is the screenshot from my Related Items section this morning when I put the game in. Anyone heard anything?
  • Forum Post: Titanfall is not out of the question for PS4

    According to , the current PC and Xbox One exclusive Titanfall could be available to the PS4 in the future. If this turns out to be true, that would definitely hurt Microsoft considering that...
  • Forum Post: Battlefront 3 with DICE, EA Contract & Leaked Gameplay!

    Hey guys! I was thinking I could share this video here of all the new informations about SW: Battlefront 3:
  • Forum Post: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Country Club!

    For those of you that have this for the 360 I have a country club that you can join if you like! The Golden Bear Named after the nickname of one of the legends in the game Jack Nicklaus. There will be a couple of club tourney's per week in different difficulty levels to make it fun and competitive...
  • Forum Post: NBA 2K13 Or Live 13?

    Which game are you buying this year? I've always stuck with 2K, but Live 13 sounds interesting. I'm not sure which one I'll buy, but I'll need to read a review first for Live, because it's never done well in the past. Live's online sounds like it will be good, and hopefully it...
  • Forum Post: Whats the worst game you've ever played ?

    Just say what game you think is the worst game you've ever played ... Its that simple.

    Okay, i was(*****************************************SPOILER ALERT*******************************************) at the Citadel with the little "boy" and my choices were right in front of me...A)Kill all Synthetics.B)Control the Reapers.C)Synthesis.....but then,just for fun i shot the little...
  • Forum Post: Gamers Wanted!

    You are invited to participate in a study of people’s attitudes toward the military and their media use. If you are interested in taking part in this research, you will be asked to fill out a brief (20 minute) online survey. Participation is voluntary and you can sto...p at any time. Your responses...
  • Forum Post: Army of 2 the 30th Day Co-op

    (For those of you that care please excuse my grammar and spelling) The other day me and my friend started Army of 2 30th Day on co-op and it was the almost greatest co-op game i have played. My character was Rios, an African American or Hispanic (me and my friend were arguing over this) jacked dude,...
  • Forum Post: Have you played the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo? What are your thoughts?

    Like the topic says... Have you played the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo? If so, what are your thoughts? Will this be a day one purchase for you or are you waiting for reviews just to be sure? Personally I've never played an RPG of this size (That isn't an MMO). Nope never played Skyrim...
  • Forum Post: Dead Space Randomness Montage

    You guys like it? Tell me what you think about it.
  • Forum Post: Doesn't Activision have enough money?

    Sometimes I feel very alone when all I hear about is how much everyone loves the new Call of Duty, and yet I never can figure out why I don't really like the game. It could be the sheer amount of jerkoffs who are screaming into the microphone, or tea bagging my dead corpse after an unimpressive,...
  • Forum Post: X-mas MW3 Commentary!

    I hope you guys enjoy this one! :D
  • Forum Post: What do you do if a game maker doesn't fix in game issues?

    Players, What do you do if a game maker doesn't fix their in game issues? Currently, many EA NHL 12 players are having issues with Hockey Ultimate Team. We are unable to get it fixed through costomer support and it has been going on for a month. Many of the numerous issues are outlined in this forum...
  • Forum Post: Battlefield 3 Beta: Who's Playing on PC?

    Battlefield 3 is my most anticipated game this year. I pre-ordered Medal of Honor on the Xbox and will be playing the Battlefield 3 Beta on Xbox 360 until September 29 when the beta is opened to the general public and I switch over to the PC version of the beta. My question is: Who else is going to be...
  • Forum Post: Is it worth paying for older games.

    I was playing Persona 3 the other day and I had a thought I think should be discussed. Would it be worth paying out almost 120 dollars to play persona 1 and 2? Both games are extremely rare in second hand stores so you would prob go online to find them. I think I should just let them pass. What do you...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty: Sick of it?

    Half a million people are on Black Ops everyday. More than half of your friends might be playing it every time you get on. Your friends might talk about how much better it is than Halo, Battlefield or any other shooter game. It's played a lot, and is talked about a lot. I started to get sick of Call...
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