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If you're looking for a place to talk about the latest gaming news or cross-platform titles, General Gaming is an excellent place to start. Need help in a game? Our Gamer Helpline is a great tool to get answers from the experts in the community.

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  • Forum Post: Night Terrors - Do You Think This Is The Next Step Towards Virtual Reality?

    Here is a trailer for the game. I think this concept is a step up from Oculus Rift, but in a different way. This immerses players in the situation itself, making a truly horrific experience. What do you people think of this game?
  • Forum Post: What is the Future of Gaming?

    I did a blog about this but since it was my very first blog ever, it didn't get much interest so i thought i might try posting it here. Because of my personality and the way i think, I've always thought about the future and what it holds. Future is a word that, when thought about, means endless...
  • Forum Post: Malice eSports

    If you are looking to join a great gaming community look no further than Malice eSports. If you are interested check us out at the Mailce eSports Website .
  • Forum Post: hoping respawn studios kick some act ass

    just let now activision about how u feel about respawn kicking their ass... jejeje
  • Forum Post: Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Mob Of The Dead Pop goes the Weasel

    Does anyone know if the pop goes the weasel easter egg in Mod of the dead can be done on easy? Also my can it be done with only 3 players because I only have 2 friends that I play zombies with? If anyone can help that would be great.
  • Forum Post: Racism In online gaming?

    Why do people decide to put Racial Clan tags in games like COD, and go on stereotypical onslaughts on gamers while they play online?
  • Forum Post: PC gaming is better than any console game

    Computer gaming whether it's FPS or RPG is way better than playing it on a console like XBox or Playstation. With PC gaming you dont have to buy a whole new console just to play games that look better. Not to mention PC is gaming is more competitive because it uses the mouse and keyboard, so there...
  • Forum Post: Violence in Video Games

    Don't you think that the violence shown in FPS games or other games in general contribute to kids becoming more violent themselves? I think that there should be more games that intrest our youth that are more educational rather than violent.
  • Forum Post: Video games ruining our children

    Don't you think that video games are the downfall of our society? Kids are spending way too much time inside hooked to their computer screens or televisions and never really getting to enjoy being a child and playing outside. Do you think it will just get progressively worse throughout the years...
  • Forum Post: Best Video Game Genre & what game is it ?

    FPS . It nevers stops going. It's one of the genre that never dies down. Game ; Call Of Duty
  • Forum Post: Re: Whats the worst game you've ever played ?

    Favorite Call Of Duty World At War and Call Of Duty Black Ops fun But Bored Mw2 and Mw3
  • Forum Post: Whats the worst game you've ever played ?

    Just say what game you think is the worst game you've ever played ... Its that simple.
  • Forum Post: Reporting for Dumb Stuff, and Muting.

    So I've noticed that knifing only in COD: Black Op's gun game and other such things have become popular, and I myself have enjoyed it a few times. It changes things up, and it's amusing how angry people get over virtual COD points. What I don't get is people threatening to report you...
  • Forum Post: Black Ops 2 Leaked July Issue GamesMaster UK :Black Ops 2 Guns and Tech

    All of this info is from GamesMaster UK July edition, which doesn't come out for over a month The first few exciting leaks. An arm mounted launcher the size of an iPhone that can rapidly fire bouncing explosives, drastically cutting down on the transition time between shooting bullets and raining...
  • Forum Post: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    Should preface my post by saying I'm a long time gamer; since like the late 80's. Been playing Call of Duty games since COD 2. I'm no COD fanboy or hater. My interest in the series peaked with MW2 and I've gradually played less and less with Black Ops and now MW3. I felt the need to get...
  • Forum Post: Gamers Wanted!

    You are invited to participate in a study of people’s attitudes toward the military and their media use. If you are interested in taking part in this research, you will be asked to fill out a brief (20 minute) online survey. Participation is voluntary and you can sto...p at any time. Your responses...
  • Forum Post: Which COD game is better MW3 or Black ops?

    My vote is for Black ops it just seemed more fun to play. I still have fun with MW3 but it just seemed more entertaining on Black ops. they seemed to have there game in full swing and didn't realy need to do much to it to get it in proper order. With MW3 they had in my opinion a half a game it wasn't...

  • Forum Post: Why must people voice their opinion about CoD to us?

    Why? Why must this happen? I do not understand the need for people to keep going on and on about how they think CoD sucks, how it's gay, how it's the same game, or how Activision is milking it for cash. Sure, believe what you want, it's your opinion and you have the right to have it. But...
  • Forum Post: MW3: Survival Achievements: Serrated Edge & Get Rich or Die Trying

    I hope this helps
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