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The Official Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Thread

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  • balance-----None of the rewards from quests should be leveled,they need to be on a fixed level so if you get a strong reward,you earned it.

    Improved gameplay-----I'm sick of block,slash,block,slash and the unappealing magic.

    More diverse exploring world-Needs more hidden secrets

    Leveling------Keep it like Fallout 3,no sleep.

    Cooler Armor and Weapons-----They were too plain,nothing special.

    Better character models-----Dragon Age had good character models,they need some of those without the big noses.

    More things that i can't remember.

  • I agree with all of that--especially that an MMO would be awful and would totally ruin the franchise's feel. Morrowind was a wonderful thing, where you had to choose your factions carefully and make sure not to piss off (or kill) the wrong people. Also (unlike Oblivion) all of the interesting ruins and high level adventures were unique, not copies of each other.

    The best thing about Morrowind that they should keep or modify is the artifact collection. With the museum in Mournhold, the legendary items became just that much more interesting and suddenly I was reading the books about legendary items and trying to keep a lookout for them. That sort of wonder and excitement is really important to a game a long and involved as an Elder Scrolls game should be.

    Co-op would be interesting, but I'm not sure how they would do it--the henchmen system in Fable II was ok, but it made the game awkward and much more difficult and disorienting to play. I think multiplayer would work, but it would need to be like multiplayer used to be--if you start a 2 player game, the only way to continue it is with 2 players. That way, you maintain the continuity of the universe. Maybe it could be done without that restriction, but with a chest that required quest items remain in when players leave the game...I don't know.

    Hopefully they do a good job. I'm looking forward to it.

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  • Have you not played Borderlands?

    I would really like it more if it was more like Morrowind. That game was epic. I remember the random Dark Brotherhood attacks lol. I would like more character interaction. Sure you had dialogue trees but it wasn't like that of games like Mass Effect. Along with that, more player relationships. Maybe like a contacts list to find people to help you?

  • When is this book coming out?  I did read in OXM that the next ES takes place 200 years after Oblivion.

  • Deathsprinkles,  As nerdy as it sounds, if they do make a book about it, i'd be the first one to buy it.

  • JC, they did make a book. It's in the GI holiday guide.

  • I played about 330+ hours of Oblivion including purchasing all of the DLC on day one. They could just reskin 4 and call it 5 and as long as they had some more assurance testing, I'd be fine.

    Honestly, there were too many bugs that either crippled the gaming experience or brought my system to a grinding hault.

  • I would like to see the return of katanas ( i know there was the akavari katanas but total there were only 3 different katanas) and werewolves ( it was fun to befriend someone in the day, and at night just kill them without anyone knowing it was you)

  • It needs to have the incredible depth of Morrowind and Oblivion. All the races, quest, skills factions and other stuff that let me play 200+ hours on one character.

    Then it should add the improved leveling system from Fallout 3 (no more effective leveling please) as well as the moral choices.(it was wierd in Oblivion being everything to everyone)

    If you post it, they will troll.

  • I think they need to add dialogue trees like KOTOR and Dragon Age. It is starting to get there in Oblivion, and even more so in Fallout. I don't want mass effect's though, there was something about the silent protagonist that made the evil dialogue hilarious. It also gives them more freedom and options without the restriction of giving your character voice acting.

    The co-op should be like the mercenary in mournhold, only your friend can control him. That way he is disposable.

  • i remember reading them saying that they dont plan to make anymore elder scroll games =[

  • bigger area,better Ai,more life in the towns,co-op(NOT a dang MMO) and i'd be happy.

    Maybe some better graphics

    Oblivion itself was an amazing game,heck im still playing it to this day. theres so much to do.

  • As far as the arena fights go, I would like to be able to forage weapons and armour from dead opponents. I mean, what the hell do they need them for after they're dead, right? It would be cool to see new classes of characters, new types of weapons and to be able to do the dual weild function.

  • Multiplayer definitely

  • I hope it is more like Morrowind, and less like Oblivion.

    Oblivion was fun and all..tiny too. People thought Oblivion was big? Check out Morrowind's map, Oblivion's whole kingdom thing is like one corner of Morrowind's. Also in Morrowind, the player could KILL anybody he wishes, not just simply knock out important characters.

    Also, I want Bethesda to pull some crazy *** and make it different from Morrowind as well.

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