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Is Gamefly worth it?

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  • If you are the type of person who buys a ton of games per year at full $65 new retail price, than yes it would be worthwhile for you.  if you buy 3-4 or less at full retail price per year or always seem to have a backlog, then I would say it probably isn't worth it.  Also if you have a non-chain local place to rent from that has decent prices it wouldn't hurt to do that.  Where I live there is a local store that has specials 2 days a week where you can rent 2 current gen games for a week for 5$ bucks total.  Not only a good deal but supporting local business as much as possible is extremely important for economy.  It keeps money flowing locally, without tons of people / companies taking a cut of it, and keeps your neighbors, friends, family employed.

  • I personally found it worth it, although until I replace my PS3 I dropped it.  I had the two at a time package, although I'd advice starting with one and see how the shipping works for you.  Most times, I got the games within a day or two of the "shipped" email.  Having two was nice, since I could send one back and start the 2nd, always keeping one out unless a game was really short or I didn't like it.

    As for the new releases, at least for the PS3 they tended to be available rather quickly to be rented.  The downside is, you had to wait until they happened to be available, so really popular games could take a while.  Of course, you have the queue filled with things you want, that's not a big issue, but if you really want a game it can be a bummer.

  • no...i had it for a few months and it seems that you have to wait for the good games because only a select number of people get the copies...ive gotten games from there that didnt even work because how scratched they were...i would just continue to buy games used of full retail price.. i mean unlessyour a crackhead and cant sit down and play a game for a few months to hold you over for until another good game comes out..thats what im currently doing with the last of us and dark souls to hold me over until beyond two souls

  • I found it to be mostly a large waste of money.  Though to be fair I am likely not their standard customer.  I got it mostly to try games I was interested in but wasn't sure I wanted to pay $60 for, I still went out and purchased games I knew I wanted.  I had 2 big complaints about the service, 1 it just was not timely.  They liked to email you whenever they sent out a game or received a game back from you.  Which is great other than it would take 2 or 3 days for them to put a new game in the mail after receiving your old one back.  The turn around was just too slow, if I mailed a netflix movie and gamefly game on the same day I would normally have a new movie in 3 days, a game could easily take 5-7 days.

    Now my 2nd and bigger issue, even though I was not requesting any of the big AAA games I always seemed to get one of the lowest games on my list.  I tried to keep a moderate list of 7 or 8 games in my queue hoping that I would not get stuck waiting because all my games were out of stock.  Even with this I always seemed to get games from 5+ on my list.  To me it seemed like to avoid having a bunch of extra copies of used games they had to get rid of they just did not stock more than a few copies of games other than COD and BF.

    If you are short on cash and likely would not be getting games at full price it may be worth it.  If it lets you play 4 full priced games in a year that you would not be able to play otherwise, you have basically broken even.  But be ready to wait for the big releases, though likely less than if you need to wait for a price drop.

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  • Its 15 bucks a month.... A new game is 60 bucks. So if you gamefly a game and keep it for more than 4 months than no it's not worth it. If you think you can beat a game in under 1/4 of the year than it's worth the money.

  • If you're on a budget and can't afford to purchase games at the full $60 retail price, definitely. If money isn't an obstacle, no.

    I've used GameFly for a good six months before I stopped because I had already played all the games I wanted to play. The only downside to having a monthly subscription is that you may find yourself in a game drought. You'll still be paying for the service, even if you don't have any games you're interested in at the time. So it's a good if there are a lot of games you're interested in.

    GameFly allows you to rent a large selection of games, but I'm sure lots of people use it to get games that are going to be released within a few short weeks. The problem with renting newly released titles is that you need to have the new game in your "Wanted" list, even way before the game gets released. Gamefly only has a certain amount of copies.

    When I used GameFly, I usually got my games within two to three business days, sometimes earlier. It really depends on your location, but I haven't heard anyone complain about the shipment service. What's also great is they send your games out faster if you've used their service for over a month, or after you return your first game. This allows them to send out your second game after they've received confirmation that their game is being mailed back.

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