People know that if  a game is going to be fun, it has to be challenging. Sometimes there are bosses in a game that impede your way to victory, and they are fair sometimes. BUT, do you ever feel cheated when you think you can beat him, but things don't go in your favor?

This is why I'm putting this forum up. I've seen hard bosses on Youtube (believe me, I've seen them all), but sometimes I think it's up to the experts to decide. Who are the experts? You are the experts!

Video game bosses can't be summed up by one person. I am one person, and I need all your help. All of you have played wide varieties of games that I'm sure I haven't played.

Now I'm here to ask you: "Who is the Hardest video game boss ever?"

Before you answer, I want you to think of games that were hard. It could be anything (Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, Ikaruga, Devil May Cry 3 etc.) as long as you are sure of yourself. Go through every game you own; remember what you had to go through. Don't leave out your old games from Genesis or Snes, retro game bosses can be just as hard.

You are encouraged to play your old games again. It'll be like a walk down memory lane.

Think of bosses that have lots of health, do lots of damage, do cheap moves, and are very hard to kill without perfect timing. Think hard, real hard. But also take your time.

In the comments page, you don't have to put one boss. Put as many as this website can allow! But one is enough. 

All you have to do is: Include the name of the boss, the game or series he's from, and why he or she was hard. Mini bosses are exceptional. 

Now, please think of who you think was the hardest, and leave your opinion below, and maybe we will settle this dispute once and for all! I can't wait for Gameinformer to make one!