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have you ever had a bad experience at gamestop?

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  • I can't say that I've ever had an issue with Gamestop. Ever. The reason being the most important reason:

    I know the employees.

    If you get to know the employees, then you have a better chance of knowing what's coming in the pipeline and what's happening and what's not happening anymore.

    Sadly, GameStop gets an overload of idiots every day, and so I do feel pretty bad for the guys in that aspect. Most of them are as good a person as they can be, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if an employee just got mad at a customer some day.

    If you have a question about a product, make sure you ask the most knowledgable one there. They will help you with your purchase decision, for example: "Hey, will there be any trade-in changes coming up soon?" or, the one which you should always ask, "If the product doesn't work to my satisfaction, can I bring it back for a refund?" (If the employee says "no", then just leave the product there and buy it at Wal-Mart).

    This is coming from my experience with the Gamestop in Athens, AL. I can't give the employees enough praise for how well they do their jobs.

  • My only issue really was working there (but that's another topic.)

    While I was there I was a nice guy, my customers knew me by name, etc etc.  Zero's really right, get to know your local Gamestop guys.  I know when I was there, I was a lot friendlier to my regulars and to the people who just plain tried to act like they were concerned about something other than themselves.

    Bad experiences tend to happen when you blame the employee for all of your problems.  It's not like we would ever intentionally sell something with a defect.  For the most part, we're gamers too, and we want you to have as much fun as we do.

    I say for the most part because I remember my boss hiring certain people just because we needed the extra hands.

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  • You know it really depends on the store and usually the stores w/ bad employees have it turn around on them really quick...

  • I've never had a problem with my local Gamestops. That being said, there are bad employees all over the place; it's not just Gamestop of course. Keep in mind that when someone is rude or impatient with you, it's usually because of an issue they have with themselves.

  • My worst experience with Gamestop was nothing like what you went through but back when I went to try and trade my N64 in (Was it still gamestop back then?) for some store credit I had the expansion pack in it and they refused to take my N64 BECAUSE I had the expansion pack in it. It was pretty lame. Haha.

  • gamestop tried to rip me off buy offering me ONE CENT for my 64 memory card..ONe freaking cent...NOW thats wat i called ripping peopleoff...

  • Ive had a annoying time at my gamestops.  I have been applying there for 4 YEARS and they wont take me. THEY ONLY HIRE THEIR FRIENDS. I got upset but I kept to myself. Then one day somebody walks in [I'm inside gamestop already] and asks the employee what does component cables do. Im watching this by the way, and the employee [the friend who gets hired instead of me] says "I DONT KNOW" I'm like what the heck. I got so mad that, that I helped the kid out with the rest of his shopping time and I went home so mad because they only hire friends and not people who are passionate about games and the knowledge behind it. G.I. staff if you read this I can tell you which store this is. I boycotted this store.

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  • I don't think you can generalize about Gamestop in general seeing as every chain has their share of crappy employees. I've found that all the Gamestops in the areas I have lived in are generally good people who are incredibly helpful. Hell, most of 'em know me by name now (though I'm not saying you have to get to know them, I'm saying that because they are such good employees they took the time to get to know their recurring customers).

    All that being said, the last and only time I will trade in games at Gamestop was a bad experience. I realize they want to make a profit, but I just felt robbed when getting 15 bucks for a stack of 10 great quality PS2 games.

  • The guy at gamestop brought me to the back to help him "Look for a copy of Ecco the Dolphin." But all that came out of it was a bruised butt-hole, and a scared mind. *sigh*

  • Never had a problem.  The 3 gamestops in Rock Hill, SC are very professional and quite friendly.  The main one that does the most business typically has a line of people but the employees are never rude and are very patient.  This is one of the main reasons I purchase my games from Gamestop as opposed to Best Buy (across the street mind you), that and midnight releases...I mean come on...who wants to wait until 10am for the store to open up when you can play a game at midnight!

  • I have had several bad experiences with Gamestop. As is with any customer service job, its hard to have a great experience everytime at any place of business. My biggest complaint is that sometimes the "kids" that are employed are very pretentious and annoying. They are kids though, but sometimes the idea of hiring "nerds" becomes haunting ( I too am a gaming junky NERD). I once went in to pick up a game and had a clerk insist on guessing what I was there for...his first guess being the new Madden game, and after 5 incorrect guesses, he felt stupid when I was there to buy a new xbox 360 to replace my e74 errored out console.  I also had to cuss out a manager when after my transaction and attempting to swipe my debit card, I accidentally made a mistake and hit cancel and he interpreted it as my card being declined, and made me go to the ATM outside to withdraw the money, and then it showed on my reciept that the card transaction was cancelled and not declined as I tried to explain. So I called corporate and as far as I know, he is no longer employed at Gamestop.

    Gamestop serves its purpose though, and I have one close by. They are overpriced on used games, and rip you off on turning in games, so now I just use it for buying games and accesories and thats it.

  • this isn't just gamestops problems, its retails problem in general, every store is gonna have bad employees. it probably seems like it happens more at gamestops though because gamestop hires gamers, and you know that gamers in general are elitist, im not saying all gamers but most of them (including myself). so what happens when you have a bunch of elitist gamers as your clerks??? i'll tell you what, a bad expierence at gamestop.

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