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Putting my money where my mouth is

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  • I never used to pay attention to sale numbers or adoption rates, but in this soft economy, developers are only as successful as their last game and basically live or die buy their sell-through which brings me to my dilema: Brutal Legend is shipping the same day as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and while I have thought all year that I would be getting Uncharted 2 day one, Naughty Dog is a successful company with a long history and an amazing franchise on their hands that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. However, Double Fine is a smaller, younger company (and probably the most original developer in the game) and has a riskier property that may or may not receive a sequel depending on how well their new IP does.

    So my question is, do you give your money day one to the company that’s shipping the game you want the most (but will be around later if you choose not to) or do you support the company that has the most at stake to lose (namely their jobs) if you don’t.

  • I try to be conscious of how my purchasing decisions affect the name behind the game.

    I'm not really facing any situation like this personally, but yeah, I could drop my pre-order for Modern Warfare 2 in favor of something smaller scale if I had to pick.

  • I think both developers are going to be fine.  I'd just get what you wanted to get.  Even if Brutal Legend doesn't sell a million copies its first week, it'll still sell enough to keep Double Fine alive.  Besides, Tim Schaefer is a legendary video game developer.  He is always going to have a job.

  • There are often times where I will buy a game new right when it comes out even though I know I won't be able to play it for a while just to support it. Madworld was an example of this, I still haven't played the game but I wanted to support games like that for the Wii. I really wanted to buy Chinatown wars but I never got around to it.

  • Honestly the best thing to do would be to purchase what your looking forward 2 getting. Most times there are lots of reviews and blogs on games so you cant go wrong with a purchase after you have taken the time to surf around and check what other people are throwing out there mixed with your own feelings. Most games don't sell as much as developers would hope, but they have to stick by there product just as you the consumer have to stick with your instincts.

  • It also didn't help that the demo for Brutal Legend was awesome. It presented me with a slice of a world that I didn't think I would be all that interested in and made want to live in it for a while. The characters and gameplay was great and it left me wanting more. If it wasn't so good, I wouldn't have a dilema. I think Uncharted 2, for me, is going to win out, but I really want to support Double Fine.

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