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Is Prey 2 in good hands at Arkane?

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  • I think Arkane is more than up for the task.  Dishonored was a lot of fun, and outside the stealth options, it had an extremely awesome combat system that did include guns and crossbows.  Just make the weapons as crazy as Prey weapons and we could have one heck of an amazing game on our hands.

    Long live play.

  • I think the IP is in better hands now than it was before personally.  I think Arkane can fully realize and incorporate the ideas into the actual gameplay.  Where HH tended to make it more like window dressing.

    I liked Prey, but most of what I liked was little more than aesthetic and story.  The guns looked awesome, but didn't function any different than guns in conventional modern day shooters for the most part.  The mechanics touted as main features, like the portals and walking on walls and ceilings, were barely used in the actual gameplay.  Most of the cool things about the game were little more than novelty most of the time.

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